It’s not always easy living adopting a rescue. It’s not always easy nurturing a relationship with an animal who has seen traumatic times. They are worth every second.

When we first met I had resigned myself to the fact that she would never be mine.

I have a trauma cat. She is my heart and my world. We knew her story well. We spoke gently when she lashed out at our other three cats. Both animal communicators (he would never boast this) my man and I, would talk to her about her past and listened for physical and emotional responses. We got them every time. There were nights we spoke with her and the next day saw huge behavioural changes in her interactions.

We were slowly making headway….Or so we thought. We woke up one day to bear back legs and bottom…Stress licking. We chatted with her and found through conversations that because she was a bit of a loner she felt anxious living in a colony situation. She needed a human. I was it, and we hadn’t fully bonded.

Some nights she had insomnia. we’d hang out until she felt comfortable enough to fall asleep. She slowly began to trust me. Trust our home. Define her space. Learn how to not lash out when something wasn’t going her way.

It took time and patience on the part of the whole family…human and animal.

Now we have our nightly play of dashing under the covers ten times before she nibbles my hair and ears before falling asleep, my arm nestled over her. In the morning She perches on the bathroom sink regaling me of nightly cat events and tattles on her siblings (usually her brother) who usually skulks away.

It’s taken a very long time. She’s become my best friend. When I’m sad she’s the animal companion who runs to me reassuring me things will be okay.

We talk everyday verbally and through our spirits. We even share the same love languages physical touch and quality time.

I have lived with animals most of my life. All were integral to my growth and well being.

Some of these pets still come and chat, although long gone. Each different, I give myself permission to love them all for who they are and what they are giving me and given me.

As I write this my girl is curled up in my side her head over my arm sleeping. She even knows how to cuddle so I can continue to comfortably work.

She has become the cat everyone knows as my reading cat and has even, this past Christmas been promoted to boss cat. My first ever business partner in 18 years of working as a psychic and animal communicator. She makes her appearances with clients and on my shows and Instagram page. I love them all, but the one I least expected is the one who reflects me, heals me, and makes me laugh every day. As an animal communicator she helps me practice. As a pet pal mom she fills my heart in a way that can only be described as magick.

Cheers Everyone!

Stay In Tune….and Stay Blogged In.



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2 thoughts on “Having a trauma pet is never easy, Your not alone.

  1. Your cat sounds adorable! My brother and mum both have rescue dogs who suffered trauma and my family dog (who’s with my dad) was born from a rescue (as in the mother was rescued and then discovered to be pregnant, and the puppies were born ill). They’re all lovely, heartwarming dogs! It breaks my heart that people can be cruel!

    Katie x

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