I write about what it’s really like to be psychic. My days are spent pondering how to tell people about what I do and what it’s really like. In moments of clarity I am gifted with words that I hope to not only touch my readers, but teach them, and guide them in many lives….this is one of those articles.

This is an interesting topic. Older animals. It is with great honour I get to speak with these wonderful animals whether they are cats , dogs, horses or other.

I get to be the one who is the bridge between what they want or need for end of life care. The one they may choose confide in to tell their owners what their life has been like. It is difficult at times to be the comfort worker. Sometimes, even the ones the owners will come to and ask that most difficult question “is it time…what do they want?” It is a privilege to be a part of that journey. Owners take out albums of fur baby pictures to show me. Animals will have bursts of delighted energy in the knowledge that they get to tell their owners what they truly feel and express their love and appreciation for them in sometimes what will be their last moments.

Animals have wants and needs to in their last days. They can be very different than ours. They care more about making sure their owners are okay before they feel they can let go, or their pet sibling understands what’s happening. I have seen animals who want to make sure a precious favourite toy is passed down or they are laid in their final testing place with it, or with a morsel of their most scrumptious treat.

Owners ask me if there is somewhere a beloved pet pal will go once they have passed. The answer is a resounding yes! Old ones become new again over the rainbow bridge. A place we have aptly named for a beautiful haven that not only exists but that can be accessed when we wish to connect to our loved ones through our own love or the skills of a communicator.

Many animals will give us signs right after they go that they are still with us. We feel them at the bottom of our bed, or hear the familiar tapping of claw on The floor in the middle of the night. Some owners have even reported to have seen their animals ( I being one of them) near the place of burial. Loving signs that they are with us. For those who have had these amazing moments, do not question these experiences, relish in them and thank them.

It’s so true that our work as animal communicators is one of campassion and love. We cry too. We go home and sit with the memory and gratitude of those animals that have crossed over in, or after our care as animal communicators. It’s a loving job I wouldn’t trade for the world. A job that brings such satisfaction, healing and growth. Thank you to all those who have allowed me the experience in helping the aged and ailing. Remember, They love you all and are always with you.

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