A thought for today…

So today I helped a woman. Not by giving her a reading, but by finding her a reader.

She needed closure in her mother’s death and I could hear it. More importantly I could feel it.

Some would ask, but why would you send her to competition…simple…there is none. She is a fan, has no internet, lives in a city to distant from me for her to drive, and trusts me even though she has never met me. That why.

I get to be in the living rooms of so many people every day whether on television or radio and sometimes they begin to feel like I am a good friend and part of the family. That is a true privilege I understand and never take for granted.

We sat on the phone and because she has no internet I surfed for her. I felt it out and found a couple of cute little new age stores and curiosity shops for her to go and check out.

I gave her some tips as to what to look for in a reader so that she is comfortable with who she chooses and again more importantly that they are what she needs.

She thanked me perfusly. What she didn’t realize was that I got so much from our conversation just by aiding her in her quest for peace of mind that her mom is ok.

THAT’S why we do the work. We must, as energy workers never forget that. We help where others may not be able to, to teach compassion by being compassionate. Doing our work as energetics can be highly under rated and underestimated. It’s why I love to write about it, talk about it, share what it’s really like to live this fascinating lifestyle.

We are not by any means saints ( not by a long shot! ask my kid! Lol!) but true energy workers have an overwhelming sense of responsibility to the earth and those around them, and will do almost anything to help where needed.

I don’t really know why I am writing this today. Maybe someone needs to hear this. I just felt it would touch someone’s heart, teach someone something new or entertain those that just wanted something a bit different to read:)

I hope you enjoy it, and hope you all have a fantastic day.


2 thoughts on “A thought for today…

  1. I appreciate this. As an intuitive too, who reads for others, I would not hesitate to do the same. It’s about offering our best to the world and others, in the moment. I’m happy to have come across you here and on social media, by way of the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers group on Facebook!

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