Just Something I felt like writing. Big into writing mode these days it seems. Hope you enjoy these little Tid-bits and thoughts!

Feeling safe. How do we find that?

For me it’s about feeling safe. We all want that to some degree or another, even animals want that. The reality is the safer, more secure we feel in ourselves the more we allow others in. That is one of the keys to falling in love and staying there. I’m not just talking about intimate relationships either. I’m taking about work, I’m talking about loving our hobbies, our children even those people we don’t think we could possibly love. When we feel safe we feel relaxed and open. We draw people in and trust them with our vulnerable side.

Honouring ourselves is one of the best ways to feel safe. Knowing ourselves, our likes our dislikes, our strengths, our weaknesses makes us feel safe. Creating a home or work environment that feels good makes us feel safe too.

Practicing the act of honouring ourselves leads to trusting ourselves. Then, when we encounter others, we can bring our self knowledge and awareness to the table and ask the question “Here I am am, would my presence enhance your life?” We feel whole, strong and at peace regardless the answer. We now know through honouring ourselves that our tribe (one of my favourite words these days) will come to us because in honouring ourselves we can take pride in who we have become and feel self love.

So this year practice feeling safe. What does that mean? Honour you. In that you will honour others and feel the true meaning of valentines when embracing, hugging, holding watching a movie, having dinner, pet pal cuddling with those love and care about.


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