Just had the most amazing article to write, then I lost it. One accidental flick of a button, auto select all, hesitation as to what to do next, inadvertently hit the delete button…agggghhhh! A mighty form of expression lovingly crafted and inspired gone!!!!!

I knew it would happen too! A little voice in my head went off to say “ this beautiful homage to friends, family and life cannot be penned on the what’s on your mind section of Facebook! Stop! write it elsewhere!” O gods, the ideas I was thinking! How many times have I not listened only to find myself in a state of stress and disparity for what? a moment of quick paced thought on the wrong app!?!

O gods give me back the day when I could hear the clickity clack of an old typewriter. So old and heavy it took three adult size males to move it! Give me back the days of Eugene O’neill and Duddy Kravitz! Give me back the pony tailed, squiggly little girl sitting patiently with black and red ink all over her fingers as she tried so desperately to get that one spot on the type writer ribbon to spit out that oh so important h or a t intelligibly! O give me back those days. Those days when autocorrect didn’t spit out twenty different interpretations of what is attempting to be expressed! Twisting innocent sentences into phrases from some bad mommy romance novel!

Help me oh gods of writing to not feel the pain of losing a piece of writing that sings to me and could be the next Pulitzer Prize winning article of the century (I say as I sit here laughing to myself). I just want to write! I just want to interpret life and see if others concur! I just want to find my self expression! I just want not to be bored and find all the time in the world to share with others the most amazing or inane or special moments that I come across so they to can experience and learn from different eyes as we all should!!! (Heavy gasp!) O why….why did you oh gods of writing take away my words so beautifully crafted upon this daaaaayyyyyy ohhhhhh whhhhhhy!!!! Bring back my voice from the depths of the lost stories and make them real again with the undo button that does not exist! Bring back to life my poor story, my poor thoughts that are now in the abyss of word nothingness!!!!!!! Help meeeeeee! (Dramatic fall to the floor lifeless up one the stage of life….) the end;)

Okay, can you feel that I really wish I hadn’t hit that delete button……hope you enjoyed that rant and had a bit of a laugh or titter today…..have a fantastic day:)



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