A thought for today about the process…


We all want to know the outcome to so many, not necessarily all, situations in our lives. It gives us a peace of mind.

However, the journey getting there is so important. Even as a reader there are times I see for people and I am told (with mischievous smiles from their guides or mine) not to say a word. An impending marriage, a child being born, a travel experience. We are here to explore and experience, that is one of the greatest gifts we have been given…our curiosity. It moves us to want to know more, feel more, do more. Without that stimulus we are tired, bored and feel the complacency of life that tells us we need to get back on track.

The point is that although knowing information is a wonderful guiding tool, we must depend on our own intuition first. What WE feel, what do WE need, what do WE desire. Confirming those niggling or visions is what I am here for. Encouraging a path that is best for you or strengthening your own knowing.

I am here for closure when someone’s pet pal or human loved one connects after passing. I am here for comfort. My job is to access whatever is necessary for you to be better and stronger and a more enhanced, empowered you….BUT…it starts with your own knowing, your journey, your process. Trust it, trust you. Always❤️

Cheers Everyone!
Have a great day!

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