What are psychics really using their abilities for?

Being able to see spirits and connect to animals and the other world is the skill that enables them to do the work their gifts are meant for.

Connecting to the other world is the necessary skill set required to aid in healing on deep emotional and spiritual levels bringing a person, animal or situation back into balance.

Like any profession, we work at it. Some of us have learned from our elders, others have their gifts passed down to them by their grandmothers and grandfather before. We cleanse and clear. We rest and try to eat well (not always succeeding) We are always trying to find new ways to stay healthy so we can connect as purely as we can for ourselves and for others

Our ancestors knew herbs could heal. They understood plants and their properties were there to be more than just admired. At one time, the skills and knowledges of the old ways were looked on as something supernatural.

Even today’s shows, movies and literature portray those with the greatest skills as reluctant heroes!

when we see psychically or tap into someone’s spirit (animal or human), connecting in any way, something is required from us. Our abilities are not to show pony or prove how easily we can bring their messages through or see ghosts.

Although there is always some sort of energetic exchange, I like to think the true healer gives without expectation. Each time we read, do healing or are of service in any way our spirit is awakened even more and strengthen our intuitive muscles.

Our understanding of this work is growing and changing. We have moved forward from the arcane medieval concepts of what a seer, or healer is. Stereotypes no longer apply except on the silver Screens of Hollywood’s imagination.

Having said that, it is undeniable that Hollywood has had a huge part to play in stoking the curiosity of the masses. The curandero (shaman, healer) in the 2019 adaptation of the story about The Curse of La Llorona gave a glimpse of cultural truth. The 2000 film Unbreakable starring Bruce Willis is a film about the birth of a superhero. The inner journey of awakening abilities creating chaos and upheaval in the antagonist’s life making him an emotional train wreck…something many young, gifted people truly experience.

These new ways of being are now more accepted in society. Now, we need to be educated, knowledgeable and more understanding of what they are and how they work. A criminal lawyer works towards justice, a doctor heals, a reporter writes stories that affect how we see the world. psychics work on the unseen level to bring closure and move lives forward into balance in order to create a healthier overall individual, circumstance and world.

That is what we do.

Until next time….Stay In Time, And Stay Blogged In

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