Okay, so life feels really good right now!

I love what I do and I want to do it every day. I want to help people, meet new animals and sometimes I want to be left alone to do the work I do in my meditation area quietly before my coffee. I love to write, inspire and express myself and if that benefits others so be it. If it doesn’t…..well that’s what I want to address here today.

A few months ago, however, I found a period where I was being trashed every which way from Sunday. That’s okay though, it is a sign of my popularity growing. I am in the public eye a lot and those who are seeking to lash out at life, society and because they themselves have had bad experiences will find someone to lash out at. Its the way it works. I am beginning to see the real pain that people experience and how they express it.

Instead of striving to learn why an experience or circumstance do not work out there are those who will rail against anyone who then supports what went wrong for them. All those after their experience be it a doctor, lawyer, psychic, dentist or what have you have to pay for the sins of the original sinner…If there was one, to begin with.

This is my point. In many circumstances (not all) if one sits down with the person they feel wronged them they may find that most times there is not only an explanation for why things go wrong, they may have misinterpreted the incident. If not, they can find out how it can be rectified. If the perceived villain is at all one of integrity they will be more than willing to share time to resolve.

For those who pick on others. I send them love and compassion. Okay, that doesn’t mean it won’t irk me to be called names or be told that all those like me should be stoned…..yyyyeah…..or I wouldn’t be writing this.

I don’t think people understand the courage it takes not only to sit with someone like me for fear as being crazy and being taken advantage of, but what it takes to do the work we do. And it is work. It is a honed skill that we work on to strengthen every day.

We have to know who we are to stand by what we do because it’s what we do and shows the metal of who we are when we are criticized, judged, and harassed.

I find that I care less every day for the words being said and more for the energy I read off those writing. Especially from those who have never even met me, read with me, or seen any of my media work. The pain, anguish, and at times even self-hatred is overwhelming.

I can understand not liking someone or what they do. We all judge, to say we don’t is hypocritical. How we express it makes all the difference. It shows who we are, what we are made of and our level of maturity.

I don’t need to be validated by others. So whether someone wishes to throw stones at me or not is their choice. I always ask myself, however, how many stones must have been thrown at them to have learned to throw one so hard.

My work is one where ethics is highly coveted by those who are legitimate and legitimately love what they do. We are fallible like any person and will do whatever it takes to right any perceived wrong. That’s what makes a professional, that’s what makes a stand up human being.

There have been many times when my spidey sense will go off and tell me that the person I am about to read may not be open or will be trouble. They in are in my space and we need each other for some reason. I have never turned anyone away when I am shown I am to work with them, and in the end, there have been many learnings.

One man had just lost his little boy. His hands wringing on his lap, hopeful to connect I was allowed to bring through this child who smiled and laughed and only wanted to console his father. Nothing could. Later, I went into the washroom locked the door, sat on the floor and cried.

One day I was packing up after a trade show and a woman came by and asked perfusly to sit with me. It felt off, and I was off to another engagement but I stayed. She had also lost a child, this time a teenager and the child would only come so close in spirit because he knew she was unable emotionally handle it, I tried to explain this to her, only to receive an email the next day saying that it is insensitive to tell a parent that their child won’t come through when it is all they wanted and that I wouldn’t know what its like. an assumption that came from a place of great pain and anguish that no parent should suffer. Sometimes I wish I could take peoples hands and let them feel and see their loved ones the way I do. What a gift that would be for us all.

Then there are those who understand. Like the old woman who was an intuitive herself that understood sometimes, it’s better to reach out to others. I was able to connect to her husband who she loved so dearly and spent her life with since the age of 5. She took my hand and said, “One more time.” Her eyes looked like those of a national geographic or Norman Rockwell painting. That was an amazing experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I felt their love, her sadness, his peace. Those are the moments that remind me why I do what I do.

I want to bring them through. People have no idea how badly I want to give them what they want or say what they want to hear…..Sometimes…..I can’t…..It sucks so hard you can’t even imagine…..

The understanding is that I have to honour spirit. No matter how hard that is, If the child says I can’t come closer or an angel stands between him and the child i can only find out why and explain as gently as possible. spirit does not want to hurt the living. Some people need the time or may never be ready to receive messages from a loved one directly (like through a dream) because it would overwhelm them.

I, and others of my clan have been yelled at mercilessly pushed to the point of tears because we can’t tell them that the horrible person who did them wrong is going to pay for their sins.

Dude, It’s tough to sit and diffuse a situation like that. That’s when we call on angels, guides, guardians, send healing. Many of us will do healing work after sessions like that so that the person in pain can find some peace…..o yeah, and we don’t charge them for it!

My give back is in the media. When I am on Rogers and Newstalk 1010. Do I gain from this too? yes, It’s reciprocal. I get clients from this the way any person who goes out and advertises does, difference? I am actually giving back to those who may not otherwise be able to see me. I have given my time to pet owners who have lost their pets without remuneration, and to those in emergency situations.

I believe in giving back. I also believe in exchange. My work is meaningful and I do help my family too. They help me sustain my family and better myself so I can continue the work I do.

There will always be those who don’t like you. I learned that in my 20 years in theatre. I love Jimmy Kimmel live and mean celebrity tweets! I got my first one this year! I was elated! that’s celebrity status for sure!!!! LOL!!!

I have come to realize that as an actor I learned how to let things ride off my back and how to be insightful when touchy issues or circumstances come up. It’s a challenging profession not for the faint-hearted. Not because of those you can’t see, sometimes more because of those you can.

Remember, everyone has their stuff. Look at life from a place of compassion and whether someone calls you names publicly, tears you down privately or is just in a bad place and decides your the punching bag of the day, you don’t have to lie down and take it, you can take a stand by knowing who you are and standing by your truth. That’s it. you will feel the sting, you may even cry. In the end, the truth will help you find the learning to become stronger. So thank ALL those you come across in life, have a sense of humour and remember to always look up at the sky because there is no limit.

Until Next time….

Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In


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