As humans we love to label things. Words are, for most, our primary form of communication. Their language is primarily feel.

Wild animals recognize gender based on what is attributed to them. There is no he/she. Females bare children, males do not.

Domestic animals on the other hand have been taught these ideas by us. Some animals fully understand our concepts due to their mental verbal form of communication.

While others have little requirement for them because they communicate more through emotions and spirit which is non-verbal communication.

Animal communicators understand this to a point where many are able to tap into that primal side of who we are and speak through seemingly formless waves of emotion, and spirit. A beautiful and powerful experience.

Our labels are ours. Age is a concept psychics look at in two ways. Chronological, how many years we have been on this planet and energetic, how we feel and present to others.

Animals age, but don’t necessarily see it in numbers. They feel it in their bodies, through their pack hierarchies and systems etc.

Altho it has been my experience that animals, like people, have a vibration attributed to them that call “name” animals don’t necessarily recognize names the way we do.

Names are things we give them. Sounds, markings, and mostly the feel of another animal is how relationships and individuals are defined in the wild.

With Domestics, if we are quiet, we can hear the vibrational word, label, “name” attributed to them.

Our gift is that we can label, categorize, and create our own sense of order and communication, but make no mistake theirs is different. They learn to communicate with us. They do a lot more work than we recognize to bridge the language and communication gap naturally to survive, nurture, and be a part of our tribe.

We are now in a time when we are finally remembering and discovering we can learn to communicate with them, on their level to add another layer of love, understanding, nurturing and bonding.

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