There was a time I didn’t believe in animal communications. Through various circumstances (read about that journey

here). my mind was forever changed.

One of the most poignant and notable experiences I ever had was with my then very young son. We were in the underground portion of a facility where children and adults alike watched in delight as two enormous orca whales rose and fell beneath the waters edge to the booming instruction of their trainer.

Half paying attention, one eye rigidly on an adventurous toddler, something caught my attention. I looked up to see what seemed like one of two great whales swimming toward the glass where my son stood. We all watched as he stopped in front of the boy and looked at him for a moment. Then slowly, and to my confused astonishment, turned his gaze to me. My stomach dropped, I felt paralyzed, no thoughts in my head.

white and black killer whale on blue pool
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It was the stuff movies are made of. People looked my way and took a step back. Awkwardly, I looked at the great killer whale and started to feel warm, then overwhelming sadness. I became transfixed by this unbelievable connection I was experiencing. The sorrow became so large it dropped me to my knees. I could feel it’s every emotion. All this gentle giant seemed to long for was someone on his vibration of communication to speak with, feel what he felt.

At some point someone came over to me, breaking our connection. My new friend turned away and swam effortlessly back to the announcer who had apparently been calling his name and verbally tap dancing to fill his absence.

Feeling dazed for the rest of our trip, I wasn’t sure what to fully make of my experience. I knew what I had felt, what others saw, what I had understood through the emotions of this amazing work of natural art, animals have a voice that can be heard in so many ways, so very deeply.

Over time I learned, my awareness and abilities grew. Seeing through his eyes irrevocably changed me, my perception of life, and my place within it.

Every animal big or small, domestic or wild deserves to be heard. Imagine a world where you have so much to say, and feel so deeply, but no one understands you. I learned that day how much suffering it can cause. I learned my purpose. helping animals express themselves in order to create a strong and healthy bridge between our worlds.

My hope is that because animal talkers are more accepted now as complimentary assets to practical animal work, perhaps at some point in his life he got the opportunity for a deeper communication.

Humans who care about animals want the best for them. Whether they are wildlife caregivers, pet pal owners, or observers of nature. Animal communications gives a deep level of understanding to all involved that will enrich our experiences and our journey of the animals.

Cheers Everyone!

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