The horse who told me so.

Early in my career, when I was still in the process of trying to prove to myself animal communications was real, I stumbled across a horse that was intriguing to say the least.

I was there to see another horse. A bay who had been feeling down and depressed with no apparent reason as to why. The facility had called a few communicators to get different perspectives. I was the last in line. That is a taunting task to follow the plethera of gifted and more experienced animal talkers. I was a newbie, one of my first real gigs. It took everything I had to keep breathing and feign the confidence I would grow to have in the coming years ahead.

this feeling was mixed with many other emotions. Elation that someone had actually hired me, fear of not doing a good job, worry that my animal guides would abandon me in my moment of need, and terror over the idea that the animal I was there to communicate with may not respond well to me, or worse yet, not talk to me at all……no pressure.

I don’t remember much before getting to the field where a small group of 4-5 horses were grazing. My first recollection was seeing the horse I was to connect with. She stood outside the ring of others alone to one side. I could feel her energy, trepidation, uncertainty. Like that of a public school child at recess standing alone unwanted by any group of children playing obliviously of them in the school yard.

I recall looking at her. I recall her stopping. I recall her looking at me. I recall her small hesitant movement toward me. Then I recall the sound of fact paced hooves to my left. I remember turning at the sound that seemed somewhat distant to see a great black horse coming from the south end of the field. I recall the bay horse turning and going back to her former spot in the field.

I had noticed this black horse earlier standing aristocratically amongst the others. I remember commenting to myself how very princely he stood. he was bigger and had more muscle than the others. He was strong and his coat shined like a character out of a novel or movie. he was watching my every move. he saw my interest and interactions with his wayward friend.

He came solidly toward me, the sound of his great thundering stride becoming more pronounced as he got closer. Although there was a fence, the split rail kind you see in the old westerns between us, he made sure that his presence was known as hepast by just a few feet in front of me. I could feel his power. It was magnificent!….It was also telling. it was very obvious to me in that moment who the alpha was.

He circled around after passing me, and chasing off his subordinate, then slowed his pace. He came up to me and we looked at each other, his intent to size me up, mine to decide whether or not I could do this and perhaps if I should just back down and run.

Then something quite unique happened. There came a moment when I thought this majestic beast was starring me down, that I could have sworn I heard a voice. One that I come to recognize in later years to be a guide. He said “You have to ask his permission, bow your head.”

For some reason, I felt right in doing what I was instructed by this disembodied voice and bowed my head. Quietly, in my heart I stated my request and intention “May I please speak with the horse that feels alone standing to the side”.

I knew it was his call, there was no question of that. if he made any move that stated I was not allowed to interact with this horse or any of his tribe, this session that hadn’t even begun was over.

I was shocked. I truly could not believe what I was witnessing, my body shuddered…He stepped back, then stepped aside. The bay horse began to move forward, they passed each other with a glance ( I kid you not) and he stood back with a watchful eye.

It was an incredible experience. I spoke with the mare and soon realized that she was actually the favourite of this great black horse. She was special and had been instructed to interact with the others. She told me the others would get jelous and were mean to her if she tried to get close. He did not want conflict and told her that was best to keep distance.

Thus began a conversation with others in this group. I called forward a mottled horse. She was white and had underlying black spots that could be faintly seen. She was very snooty in my opinion, but none the less the mouthpiece of the others. As I spoke with her, I began to feel sorry for the great prince as I started to realize that as much as he was the alpha male the rest were very gossipy females that were a bit hard to handle. In separating his mate he was, in fact, protecting her emotionally and most possibly physically.

My session with these amazing creatures lasted all of forty five minutes. In that time I was able to mediate, barter and make bargins that would enable these two loving animals to live peacefully amongst the hens they roosted with.

At the end of my conversation with the mottled colour mare, the black horse walked forward seeming to know the work had been done and his herds encounter with this odd human was coming to a close. He came up to the fence-line once more and to my surprise allowed me to stroke his head. Something I later found out was a very uncommon occurrence. I also found out to my absolute delight that this horses name was in fact….Prince.

It was sometime later that I heard from the facility owner, whom I still connect with from time to time that the bay horse had integrated nicely that afternoon. That she was no longer being chased away from the herd and that in fact they suspected she may be pregnant. It was wonderful news to hear and made my knowing in the work I do stronger to a degree that I feel to this day propelled me into my animal studies more deeply.

It is no wonder that we love our animals so much. They become like family no matter how small or big. We love them and want to see them grow and thrive. I felt privileged that day as I do each day when I get to interact and any species and their family. My work is meaningful and loving and this great prince was part of that beginning for me.

Cheers Everyone!

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