Have a pet? Back in lock down…10 ultra important energetic things to know.

Is Isolation getting to you?…We have to start thinking once again about how this can affect our animals. I am Angel Morgan and I am An animal communicator here to help you help them.

Is Isolation getting to you? It’s certainly getting to me. With that we have to start thinking once again about how this can affect our animals. I am Angel Morgan and I am An animal communicator here to help you help them.

We are working from home, wondering when things will get back to normal and how our new normal look.

whether they are furry, scaled, feathered or otherwise, our pet pals are concerned about how we are feeling too. I see it in my own pets and, as an animal communicator, I have talked to quite a few.

Here are some of the things my pet clients have told me they need that might help you.

1. Cory, the golden lab, didn’t know exactly what was going on. When we told him he felt way better.

Talk to your pet pal. Tell them some humans are not well and we are all trying to help each other get better.

2. Eric, the rabbit (yes this is his name) felt scared. When asked why, he said Eddie, (his 14 yr old boy) was afraid to go to school. Eddie said he was, in fact, afraid of of getting Covid and switched to distance learning. This helped to put him and his bunny at ease.

They feel your feelings. They are worried. Hold them. It’s good for them and healing for you.

3. Bella’s pet pal seemed edgy. Max, the snake, told me that Bella was darting around the house and it was driving him crazy. She felt “off”.

Some animals may seem more anxious. Things are changing. Take a breathe and find ways to make more you time. When you feel calm so do they.

4. Blacky, my cat, was having a hard time adjusting to all of us being home. We gave her the whole basement so she could get away from us, her two kitty sisters and kitten brother. Total personality switch!

Some animals love being at home alone and now your in their space 24/7. Give them space. See where they like to hang out and make it a human and pet sibling free zone for a part of the day.

5. Trigger, the parrot, was stress cleaning her feathers right off. She kept yelling “no!” every time her owner came in the room. I tapped in and she told us she didn’t want changes in her room…no changes please. Her owner had renovated the kitchen, den and bathroom since she had been working from home.

Try to keep some normalcy. It may be tempting to renovate or get the bedroom re-arranged the way you’ve been meaning to do. Little things are better, lead up to big changes so your pet pals have time to adjust.

6. Pie, the cat, was getting big. She loved her new treat routine, but mom noticed she was getting lethargic.

Be practical. Don’t change feedings or going out times. Try not to give more treats to over compensate for being home more.

7. Milo just wanted out! He was angry because he felt punished and he didn’t do anything wrong!

Up your indoor play time with your pets. They may not be getting as much outdoor or park time as usual, let them know it’s not them. Everyone is staying home right now.

8. Rescue remedy is helpful at anytime. You may begin to see behavioural or personality changes during these times. Spray some on your hand, pet them with it or spray it in their water. They don’t need to ingest it. Ever try giving a remedy to a snake?…Not happening.

9. Some pets mimic owners. Help them stay active by staying active. Include them in your daily routines. Walking to the store instead of driving, or going for a jog? take them along. Making dinner instead of going out? Talk to them, sing with them, they can be your sous chef!

10. Remember, snuggles are always welcome! It’s great for your pet and extremely healing for you!

As long as we are not hurting ourselves or anyone else why not have a little fun and follow our instincts.

It costs nothing to act on a hunch. We are all in tune with our animals. The more we listen to that little voice and act on it, the happier we and our animals will be.

Isolation and lock down is an opportunity to practice and become aware of our own intuition. If we feel it do it. Living a feel lifestyle is more important now than it has ever been to keep us sane and our pet families healthy.

Cheers Everyone!

Stay In Tune….and Stay Blogged In.



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  1. I live with two beautiful cats. I noticed that during the lockdown they were sometimes impatient with having so many people at home all day. But with the passage of time they loved having us all day playing with them and now that the lockdown is over, they are sad when they see us go out!!

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