That statement can mean so many things. it can beg the questions are you psychic and a parent? or the parent of a psychic? Either way, this article is designed to answer both.

psychic children usually have one parent who is not only psychic but is aware of it to some degree. They may know where in their family lineage it comes from. Whether it’s mom or dad’s side is of little consequence. One side or the other doesn’t make a child stronger.

However, it may clarify where their particular gift came from and how they can be nurtured. For me, they came from my dad’s mother (my grandmother) and used in the most villainous of ways. Because I knew the stories that were passed down to me about some of the things she was able to do with her gifts, I chose differently. I loved and respected my grandmother, but even as a child there was something quite unnerving about her.

The other thing to consider is that many people view this as a woman thing. It’s not. Many men have unique abilities too. It must be stated that men are becoming quite open to this concept and allow their sensitivities to show more and more in our generation. They are awesome, and lucky is the family to have one of these guys around!

When a child is developing sensitivities, normally, they begin to present at about three to three and a half years of age. At this time they will see, or dream. those are the common signs that you may have a baby psy kid on your hands.

After that, they may come and tell you about a family member who visits the home and can describe them, past life experiences they may have had in eerie detail, with specifics about the time period a little person couldn’t possibly know (types of clothes, phrases, celebrities or social circumstances of the time).

These babes, psychic teens, and young adults will cause one of two things to happen…..1. Freak out their parents to the point where the parent feels they need to seek help for their child and warn them/scare them off their abilities or 2. make the parent become aware that there is something going on that needs to be addressed in a way that is nurturing.

Thank heavens in our time we can now say that there are more parents who are at least open to the possibility that their children are merely different. In fact, we are seeing that kids who are “gifted” are becoming the norm. and as is stated by the dastardly villain Syndrom in the movie “The Incredibles” “When everyone is super, no one will be” he says this because of the hurt and pain of being denied his sidekick status by Mr. Incredible. This incident at the beginning of the film defines his life goal of creating a world where all supers are exterminated so everyone is equal and no one is “special”.

What if we were to see that scripted line in a different way. What if we were to look at our society and see our upcoming generation for what they really are….the new norm. A new breed of human, baby X-men lol! That perspective could change the way we see the world. What’s crazy is that children are now so open to the new concepts of the supernatural and other places thanks to movies like Harry Potter, X-men, Avengers that when they have experiences they are asking more questions, rather than dismissing them or being afraid.

This doesn’t mean that we are going to have flying, bouncing, self-combusting jack-jacks on our hands. It means parents are now also asking more questions for their children rather than being frightened of them like in the days of old when kids who showed signs of being sensitive were medicated or institutionalized for their behaviors or encounters.

Parents who are psychic are learning to gently use their own abilities to help their families quietly. Those with the old ways in their backgrounds, or who come from medicine people are now looking at their elders and asking them for their stories and traditions again instead of raising eyebrows to what was once a predominant way of living and sustaining a community.

This is not about creating psychics who can become the next Dr. Strange. In fact, there are many out there, like this character, that will only ever get a glimpse of their own capability, if they ever do.

The point of this article is to help readers understand that we are in a different age. A time when Parents can embrace who they are and where they came from on a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual level and in turn, help raise a stronger more connected generation of people.

Here are some tips if you or your child are experiencing encounters of the spirit kind:

  1. Dreams feel real, messages from spirits or loved ones,  or the ability to control dreams.

Don’t freak out. If you know you are dreaming then ask to meet those who can help you understand what is happening, where you are, why this is happening to you, and how to control it. if it’s your child let them know they can do this too.

2. You are seeing things out of the corner of your eye, directly and plainly in front of you or can hear/smell things without them being there.

you are not crazy, you are definitively having a psychic experience. You do not work for spirit, spirit does not work for you. You work together. Ask who is there, if it frightens you, then tell it firmly to go away. There is nothing to be afraid of, you are in control. it does take some time getting used to though, so if you jump the first few hundred times, believe you me it’s normal!

3. Your child tells you there is someone they are talking to, or in the house.

Don’t be alarmed. Ask questions. Who do you think it is? Do they have a name? what are they wearing. If you don’t freak out, neither will they. That’s the point. Normalcy. People like me crave it. make it normal from childhood and they will be more open to so much more than just their abilities as adults. These will be the artists, leaders, and creators of the world our grandchildren will lovingly come into.

4. Psychics, young and old need stimulation.

Give them new things to experience. art, culture, literature, nature, cooking, travel and most definitely an array of colors in their attire, surroundings, and life. This helps them to see and satiate a part of them that the mundane everyday world cannot. It keeps them healthy and stimulates a strong energetic body that will keep them healthy too!

These are a few tips and things to look for. If you or your children are experiencing anything that feels “otherworldy” look for the obvious first. Not everything is of the mystic world. In fact, most times its not. Rule out the possibilities. Trees knocking on windows can seem like a specter trying to get in. The sound of creaking on the second floor of a home can be the settling of floor beams or the cat, or even a mouse!

Don’t get carried away. Get real.. if it’s happening you will know. The signs and validation will be there. Ask questions, stay calm, and have fun if you can:)

Until next time….

Stay In tune, and stay blogged in!



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2 thoughts on “Are you a psychic parent?

  1. Thanks for posting this, Angel. I’m hoping to see a sign from our 4 year old Rainbow Child granddaughter. I know I shouldn’t ask her any leading questions but is there something I could say that might make her tell me something? She might think that everyone has her experiences and not say anything. Maybe she’s not psychic at all but I don’t want her to suppress anything. She now has a little brother. I will keep my eye on him too.

    Thanks Angel

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