OMG! There is just so much to write about when it comes to being psychic.

So lets talk about something very interesting….What does a psychic look like?

How many times have I gone to a psychic party, walked up to the door, knocked, and to my shock I hear, “Hiiiii,” followed by “come in” awkward silence, “I thought you would be older…” “Ummmmmmm…..Ooooookay”, was my inner response the first time I heard this. My eventual quick, witty and polite come back was and ever has been, “Oh, I will be someday”, which usually breaks the ice, and sets the tone for a fun and eventful evening.

The stereotype of the psychic is well known. A woman, usually a gypsy, with a kerchief or babuschka tied traditionally around her auburn or grey hair. She has Bangles on her wrist, deep set sultry almost ominous eyes that gaze intensely into her crystal ball in order to speak the fate of the fearful, yet hopeful person sitting across from her.

This stereotype is likened to that of the wicked old green-faced witch of days gone by. Thankfully there are more and more women and men who are energetically inclined that are choosing to step out of our horse-drawn gypsy caravans to show the world that we can be as hip, relatable and sexy as the beautiful Bewitched Samantha Stevens.

Some of us still where stones, and dress like hippies and that’s Kool. I will concede that I was a proper hippy when I first started and still have my Birkenstock moments. Others, wear pentacles and still work with a crystal ball, tarot cards or even a scrying bowl. That’s a beautiful gift in itself that keeps the old ways alive. I have to say that as of late I am finding even I am going back to my roots again and have gone back to the European ways of placing a protection charm delicately on my person.

I like subtle. As a child, I was taught two things about beauty. Less is more, and men don’t like women who wear lots of makeup:)

I took that to heart. I like to think I am casual chick more than hippy now. I play the line. My gemini mood dictates my dress, but most times I am fairly relaxed and relatable.

For me, being in the public eye somewhat demands this too. My image is modelled after John Edward, the american psychic, whom I have always seen as down to earth and quite handsome in his relatability and compassion.

Office wear depends on the office. Big city attire for my Toronto office is in line with those of the others around me. I love the sideways stares of my floor mates. There’s the accountant who can’t quite figure out who I am or what I do. The young woman who loves to have coffee at lunch, and has never really asked and really only knows me as a mom who gives her tips on her newborn, and the receptionist who doesn’t care what I do so long as she is doing her job well and with a smile.

My office more north of the city is surrounded by a lake, a skating rink that doubles as a wadding pool for kids in the summer, chic little restaurants all around and my fave little coffee shop that always knows my coffee and lunch order even when I can’t remember. for this I wear jeans a turtle neck or a cute little summer dress as the seasons dictate.

I recall once, that I wore a pentacle to a party once. All was well, until the person I was speaking with noticed the unique charm dangling around my long neck. When questioned I explained what it was. I saw and felt the discomfort begin to rise and quickly tried to diffuse it by explaining its nature origins. “It still isn’t what people will see when they first look at though…right?” was the question that followed. I thought about it for a second, this was quite true. “No,” was my reply, “that’s why part of my particular job is to educate.” a smile came across her face and I saw her shoulders relax around her ears.

It was a great learning for me. It helped me realize who I am and what I represent. It also taught me that I must be aware and respectful of how I may make people feel because of who I am and what my unique skills are. I still wear my pentacle or a stone if the mood hits. Something small or dainty, sometimes unnoticeable unless you really look. My attire doesn’t need to scream, here I am come let me read you! or run because I know what you are thinking bwahahaha!

I also don’t commune the same way others do. As a psychic nature and the elements inform me. Most times, I’m not into gentle walks, I like rigorous hikes and riding my mountain bike in the woods. Coming out with a scrape or two is exhilarating, even though it may stop the hearts of some of my producers who want to make sure I stay at least somewhat intact.

I know a few others like this too. It’s nice to have those of like mind and like interests. I know one woman who canoes and was an adventure guide at one point in her awesome life. Another who is a karate aficionado and competes to chill out.

I’m me. I’m that cheesecake eating, My Best Friend’s Wedding loving kool mom who happens to have a unique job. One that I quietly go to every day in my little banana coloured car before my mountain bike ride that usually ends in a nice glass of red wine and a movie with my family, or a long hot bath.

Yes, that’s what it’s really like to be a psychic. We are everyday people who are your next door neighbour, your post person, your electrician, doctor, nurse or daycare worker. We are everywhere! And the best ones are the ones who know who they are, don’t scream it from the mountain tops and use their abilities to contribute in their own unique and special way.

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