Very few, if anyone, grows up aspiring to be a professional psychic. It’s weird and has a stigma to it that made towns and villages of old ostracize those with these perceived gifts.

It isn’t easy to shake off hundreds of years of perception.

But what is it really like to be this way?

At first, it’s confusing. As a child, it can seem normal until someone points out it’s not. Then it seems scary and unnerving. There is no one to guide or nurture whatever is happening. Most children are seen as different, in some cases teased and medicated because of what they are experiencing, or have their experiences dismissed as mere fantasy.

Either way, it becomes a life of doubt and second-guessing for the child. A world of being told to hush and not tell people what they are going through.

In my experience, a parent who tells their child not to be open about who they are or what they are going through, think they are doing it out of love and protection. The truth? They are doing this mostly out of a sense of not knowing how to deal with it, wanting to deal with it, and in some cases such as my own being afraid of what it might look like to others and refusing to deal with it. Those who do want to truly aid their children will learn more about their experiences. They will ask questions rather than go straight to doctors, psychiatrists and heavy medications.

For those who learn late in life about what their abilities are, or whose abilities open up unexpectedly due to circumstances (my scenario by the way) it is life changing. It can only be described as terrifying, confusing, emotionally traumatizing and in some cases may lead to addiction and/or institutionalization.

As I keep reiterating through my blog tagline…

Being psychic….it’s not what you think.

The one movie I have always loved for giving a true sense of the emotional and mental struggle one goes through when starting to realize their uniqueness is M Knight Shyamalan’s UNBREAKABLE.

Even in families with a history of seers, mediums, healers and the like, it can still to this day be a difficult thing to accept.

In my family, it is the saint or the sinner syndrome. Either it’s accepted because a family member sees angels and saints, and it is a gift from God, or brushed under the carpet because it’s too far fetched and crazy because messages come from anything other than what is deemed acceptable. I fall under the latter, my sister and one of my aunts fall under the former. Fun times!

I have seen, and experienced myself, an overload of energy such that it creates seizure like circumstances inexplicable to doctors. Some are incorrectly labelled with societal or mental disorders.

Institutions have tried to convince those who see that their experiences stem from traumas(which in reality may have triggered their gifts like falling into a vat of toxic waste), and do not exist anywhere but on their own dysfunctional, broken minds. Which is far from reality.

The beginnings can be scary. Teens with empathic abilities who are teased and taunted are shoved into the darkness of their own self. They become introverted, deeply pained, feel alone, and misunderstood in the knowledge of who they are far beyond the norm of the adolescent years.

It made me cry to see an 11year old child come in with abilities that were enviable and could be life-changing for so many, only to be told that if I could not convince tell them they are not like me the next step will be the funny farm! Hubba wha!?!(that session turned out well btw. the little girl helped her mom to see a bit differently by the end of the session)

Another great film to watch if you want to see what can happen to someone who has an extreme connection is SOLACE with Anthony Hopkins and Collin Farrell. A good depiction of how some may choose to utilize their abilities for the good or for ill and what can prompt these decisions.

In the end, there is a ray of hope. For those who are beginning their journeys the world may, to a degree, be waking up, teens now talk about this world, movies enlighten us, courses about energy and enlightenment are being taught in universities, businesses are covering alternative healing arts modalities such as Reiki.

My hope is that each new superhero that emerges and is being birthed is coming into a world of acceptance and nurturing. That we don’t lose our sense of reality and the material world and senses but add to the other aspects of who we are so that we can enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. So we can live in harmony with ourselves and the animal kingdom.

I am not a fru fur fluff bunny by any means, I simply know without doubt that when we connect to these other natural aspects of who we are we better the world around us, will find new resources to sustain us and if there are those out there who have this deeper connected knowledge why not nurture it rather than belittle it, squash it, and wish it away. It’s not going away. We are here. It is a part of all of us.




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