As a working psychic I have experienced so much. Since I was a child I have been told to hide it, I have been told to be afraid of it, I have been told to embrace it. It is when I was older and told I had to acknowledge it, I had choices, that my journey really began. This article is to help people understand what it’s like so their choice can be based in knowledge, understanding and knowing that no one is alone.

I can never expect to see the same way twice.

Everyday is an adventure. Every day is something new. Each spirit has its own way of connecting, acting, and being.

The experiences are so individual they are like a finger prints. I have had spirits walk through walls, Appear in front of me, Move through me or others, Appear in the faces of people. What you experience when we “tap in” is gentle. Most people can’t handle what we live, What our families experience.

It is so unique that yes, most people would not, could not believe it.

Entities wait outside our door to be heard. Our cats are so accustom to visitors that now even speak to the dead, and sometimes interpret for me. I helped a woman find her bracelet by following her deceased dog to its hiding place.

I use the tag line “being psychic…it’s not what you think” for my blog as a literal statement. I write about it so others might get a peak into our world hopefully in a more raw, truthful way than has been presented in the past.

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I’m not afraid of talking about it anymore.

Why? Because others experience it too, and need to know it’s okay, your just a different kind of normal. Your not alone. Your beautiful in who you are, and they, those living and otherwise, need you and us.

Is it creepy? sometimes. The stories we can talk about bond and sometimes heal us over a glass of wine. Oddly enough these experience (depending on what they are) can nurture families as they have ours.

It’s a part of us that’s beginning to find acceptance in a world where different is now embraced.

What we experience? It’s not what you think. We live what is considered “normal” most times, until we are called to live otherwise. Then we go back to our daily chores, raising of children and the human part of our wonderful, weird existence. We embrace it.

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