Did you know that from the age of 0-7 and then 17-19 we are the most open in our abilities?

As children we come into this world fully connected to instinct. When we go to school it begins to shift as we encounter new experiences.

As young adults, we are then shifting on all levels mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It is the time when we either accept fully our energetic natures….or run from them.

This generation comes into a time when more parents are open. Kids can openly speak about their encounters, dreams, visions.

Nurturing their abilities to listen, and helping them understand their experiences keeps them from being afraid of this natural side of who they are as they develop.

When you use your head your clever, when you use your heart your smart. When you use them together…that’s wisdom.”

These energetic life skills can be taught and encouraged in simple ways that will help them in future with business, family, creativity, in handling down times, and living a whole and productive life.

On an even more practical level, let them make choices. Ask questions I cannot stress this enough. “That looks like a great choice, what made you choose that?” “I would love to know more about your picture, can you tell me more about it?” Would you like to wear this shirt or that one” they are all about deep and if you nurture this at a young age ot will become second nature. Choices are made through intuition as well as thought. They must work together:)

Word choices are important too. “Use your head” can put kids straight into their left brain, and in many cases teaches them to stay there.

In our house we had a saying “ When you use your head your clever, when you use your heart your smart. When you use them together…that’s wisdom”

Here are some simple things you can do to help nurture your child or teen’s intuitive abilities whatever they might be, or help parents whose kids are having psychic and intuitive moments.

  1. Talk to your child about what they experience. Dreams, feelings, things they may see.
  2. Don’t dismiss your child
  3. Ask questions without fear. What did they look like? How did you feel? what were they wearing? Did they say anything or have a message? Tell grandma Betty we said hi and love her!
  4. Don’t be afraid to answer their questions age appropriately. If they are ready to ask, they are ready for an answer.

Remember for little ones there may be no filter, talking to them about who they can talk to is important. You don’t want them to feel discouraged by those who may not understand. When my some was little we had one very important rule…

5. Tell your child that if they want to say something to someone come to you first. You will let them know if they are someone they can talk to about their really cool experience or can give them a message.

These tips really helped me with my son. I hope they help you nurture and empower the future leaders in your family.

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