When I started my business 18 years ago I had nothing to go on but what felt right. I didn’t go to school to be a psychic. I didn’t grow up wanting to be one. When the time came I knew it get right. I came up against many questions, lost a relationship, and allowed the changes to occur as they needed to no matter how scary they seemed. It led me here to a partner who accepts me, wonderful people around me and an inner I’ll ow of who old am that I have never experienced before.

…In being courageous SMALL steps will accumulate. Each leading more and more quickly to the overall goal.

Raising Energy

Intuitive business means following your gut AND your know how.

Being able to discern between an educated guess and an intuitive knowing…So how do you do that?

Educated guesses come from facts we know to be true based on what we have learned from mentors, institutions and sources in our physical world.

Intuitive knowing is following a feeling that goes beyond or against our book learning. An undoubtable knowledge or moment that we feel we have to act on.

Educated guesses will always lead to some reward. Intuitive knowing can feel precarious. Combining the two can assure a prosperous outcome.

There are examples of balance all over the world.

Sir Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, movie stars like Ben Kingsley and Betty Davis, are all prime examples of those who have mastered their intuitive skills, combining them with their expertise as business people, artists and humanitarians.

This is not to say using one or the other will end in failure. Not at all. It means you can have an edge that can get you further faster and more effortlessly. It could be a the difference between a gold or silver medal.

There are those who would never credit intuition as a part of their success. In a purpose driven society just the opposite is what we are turning to, and giving our business too.

So many are seeking energetic solutions more and more the world of spirit and intuition and emotion are acknowledged as being necessary to find balance in personal and professional life.

We are now looking for more intuitive and emotional connection in what we buy, how it’s packaged, and what companies stand for.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself that may help you run your business more intuitively and successfully…

If you had all the money on the world is running or starting this business what you would be doing right now? Tell the truth.

Why? Or why not?

Would you leave this business If an opportunity came to make more money? If yes, rethink your what you are doing.

What is the purpose of your company? This can be a difficult question for many, and one of the most important to answer for ourselves.

How will it serve others?

Following your passion will lead you to following your intuition. This is the key. You may have heard it a million times, but it’s true.

How do you follow your passion? What if you don’t have the money, the time, the “luck”?

Speak your truth. The clearer you are the scarier it will be. You will have to make what seems like sacrifices. In being courageous SMALL steps will accumulate. Each leading more and more quickly to the overall goal.

Business owners can be so focused on the outcome that they dismiss the small achievements as meaningless. Not realizing they are the steps that create the staircase to the penthouse suite.

Having an eye for opportunities is not for the elite. Having opportunities come to us is not about being lucky. It’s about working hard, being dedicated to what you do, being specific with your goals and allowing yourself to understand all of this is growing your intuition so when the opportunities arise you will know when to stroke and allow the doors to open to more.

It all works hand on hand.

You are a business owner who can be extraordinary. We all can be if we choose to move past our fear, into our feel and live our passions in small doses daily.

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