As a working psychic and animal communicator I have learned that anything I say or write is applicable to both humans and animals. We are all intuitive, and our spirits are limitless, regardless of shape or species.

In the 20+years I have been reading and doing healing work energetically I have never found a moment that feels routine. One of my favourite sayings as a psychic is “Expect the unexpected”.

I never know who or what is going to show up.

Each reading is so individual. I learn so much from my encounters. They go so deep at times that it shakes the very core of my client and myself. Two whole new people emerge from a session. Healing on great levels, closure, unexpected visitations from ancestors or guides, angels and greater beings have occurred.

I have learned to flow with it, and at times have no choice but to bear witness to events that have been, or will be. It happens in a way that changes me forever. I have witnessed war and new birth, felt the energy of times gone by as if I were living it.

I have taken clients with me on their journies through the Akashic records.

To try and anticipate what can happen in the world of spirits can be counterproductive. It leads us deep into our mental state rather than the connection necessary between that and our spiritual, emotional, AND physical bodies.

The akasha is a place that is limitless. A library of the all. Here clients open themselves fully. They can be taken to connect with, talk to, and feel their ancestors for themselves in order to move their lives forward in this present.

They are in full balance here. I have known many to say they felt a peace and strength that had rarely felt before.

My psychic abilities are only part of my skills.

Helping others move past expectation into the colourful world of energy and their own intuition to feel the readings for themselves is the greater gift. In that there is always the unexpected journey.

Even those on the other side are able to find the peace and connection necessary to make their afterlives and movement from them joyful.

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