When we “just know” things, we tend to dismiss it.

Only now is it becoming accepted as a main stream way of thinking that the little voice or niggling in the back of our mind is a connection to a higher part of ourselves or the voices of others. More of us are embracing this idea and starting to feel safe with this new way of being.

For some it is becoming more natural, and the norm to listen and act on these knowledges and the intuitive guidance that is inherent in all of us.

Science is proving everyday that thoughts are things. That what we experience energetically is tied to our energetic body.

the saying what we feel becomes real is proven everyday when we pay attention to what we are manifesting around us for good or for perceived ill.

Many of us are living the feel lifestyle that is propelling us onto a higher level of understanding. the relationship with ourselves, others, nature and our connection to it is deepening.

Our landscape is changing. The way we interact with each other, our environment, how our children learn, how we work and live are contributing factors to a deeper, more introspective lifestyle. Let’s take time to notice it. Let’s take time to live it.

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