Having worked as a psychic and animal communicator for many years I have acquired experiences that cannot be garnished from books and articles. My blog is to help people really see what it’s like to live this unique lifestyle.

I am often asked what it’s like to be psychic. Somedays I don’t know how to answer that question.

For some, I am a healer, an ear for others, one who is privileged enough to validate a thought or decision, an animal communicator delving into the world of the primal us with species that are unlike and yet so like our own, or simply a conduit for a loved one who wishes to cross the veil and speak.

I gave up on trying to define the word “psychic”. I now use the phrase “spirit walker” because I do just that, walk with the spirits of whomever and whatever wants to walk with me. That too, at some point, will change. Why? There really is no label for the immensity of the experiences and entities I have encountered. At times my work can be, nothing short of mind-blowing.

There are days it makes me cry. Days, when I am filled with pride as specifics flow that would rival any cinematic moment. Days when I sit humbled by the words given to me by an elder that has passed. Words that resonate so deeply that I feel like a child listening to a teacher.

My clients teach me, the spirits and animals teach me.

My family has become my teacher too. The children who are now coming into this world fully aware and able to use their gifts are teachers…I am my own teacher at times.

Defining this way of life is impossible for all the parts that make up the whole. It is so vast and infinite that to try would be more than lovingly impossible. 

In the end, I just do the work, enjoying my time on this earth. Sometimes without question, sometimes full of them knowing my answers will come over lifetimes. 

I wait patiently for each case, each learning, each new energetic and spirit adventure. 

I meet it at the door. and say “please, for all its worth, come in, sit down and let’s enjoy a warm cup of tea”.

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