I am a psychic who has worked for over 20 years with both people and animals. I see the world from a unique viewpoint. I have been the skeptic, the seeker, the student, the teacher, and now one who has the honour to share my experiences and those of the elders and medicine people I cherish and have worked with.

Skeptics are aware that not all psychics are what they claim to be, but are willing to give it a shot.

There are many kinds of clients. Those who hang on to our every word, those who come in with balanced and open hearts, those who are cautiously optimistic about what they may experience. I call the later the skeptic.

I have spoken with many and have learned so much. I have been a non-believer so I also know their perspective. I always believed that there are those who are being taken advantage of. This is the protective eye of the skeptic. Watching out for others against frauds, fakes and Charlatans. Like in any area of life they exist.

I have worked with medicine men and women from many cultures who know that certain ceremonies are not to be bought and paid for.

I still get red on the face when I hear of clients being told they have curses on themselves or loved ones and how it will cost thousands of dollars to remove. Heavy energy removal is rare. Real healers, elders and medicine people would do the work for nothing if need be. They do not charge outrage amounts of money, request ones jewelry or fineries, and many accept an offering of sage, tobacco, or sweet grass depending on the circumstance.

I myself am a skeptic.

It’s one of my passions to share what it’s really like to be psychic, and how to find the true healers so those who are susceptible are not hurt.

I preach relentlessly that we are all intuitive, but not everyone truly understands what that means. Not everyone is what they think they are. It can be felt and is palatable when those with psychic muscles the size of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s arm are near. Trust me there is no denying it. They do not charge outrageous amounts. They will turn some clients away if they don’t need a read. They will work nights if they have to and above all they care.

So, I love the skeptic. Most are intelligent and quite knowledgeable. Conversations open my mind to new ways of thinking and protecting others.

This is an important learning for anyone on this path. We can’t ask others to be open if we close the doors to other ways of thinking ourselves.

Respect each other. It goes both ways:)

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