I have walked this path for 18+ years. I share this knowledge through my articles so you, the reader are informed and knowledgeable as you take steps into this world. Having a good read is one thing. What em do with that reading is another…

Let me explain…We all have freedom of will. When someone goes to see a psychic and has a reading they now have information to change their future paths.

Example…In the show “The last kingdom” a seer tells one of the characters he will kill the king and take his throne. He then allows her to be kidnapped and does not take the steps she sees to make her telling happen during her absence.

When she is rescued she scolds him and tells him because of what he did the king would die in his bed. This is what came to pass.

Think heavily… on whether you want to know the future. It is not a decision to take lightly. There are those who will have what I call sticky brain and make the prophesies come to be word for word and step for step. Others take the reading with a grain of salt and others are determined to make the outcome suit their needs.

I have always been of the mind…to let them unfold as they need to. I Take the words and visions and tuck them away so when they begin to happen I recognize the situation and have a stronger ability to navigate them.

They are guidelines I use to help me help others. I work with them to empower myself and not sit in fear of what is to come no matter what I am told.

I use my readings to ready myself so when the times comes I can always turn the tides to my advantage and the advantage of those around me.

These are important things to know and understand when sitting with someone who can delve into the deepest parts of who you are. Knowledge is what will protect you and make your experience more fulfilling and rich.

Until NextTime…Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In.

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