When I was a little girl I loved to write. It was magick for me. It has always served me well. At age 12 Shakespeare was my hearts delight. Even then society spoke of the importance of words and their use.

Mend your speech a little, lest you mar your fortunes – King Lear – 1.1

Words without thought never to heaven go – Hamlet 3.3

Give every man thine ear, but few thy voice – Hamlet 1.4

William Shakespeare

As I get older I realize how important words are. How they affect lives. They are important.

The reason I say this is because they can be used callously. They can be the tool of the healer or a weapon of choice. As children we listen to our parents, so Godly is their speech, that with their words we become them. The child who is encouraged each day finds that they are capable of so many things in life. The child who is told they are nothing fights to rise above it, or falls to it.

We lose our emotions and in those moments the sharpness of our tongues become daggers.

The boldness can pierce those we love and fuel those who are waiting for us to flounder. I love words BECAUSE they hold such power.

I use them in such a way that will encourage and empower, because I have been so disempowered by them in the past. I have self coached into a new life by using them. I surround myself with people who love me enough to show me kindness and the truth even when their words may sting my ever so weighty pride.

Through them I have learned that words can bite and love at the same time depending on delivery, the speaker, the moment, the tone, the words themselves.

This article is to help you, the reader, know what to do when you are at a loss for them.

I have been the worst of these offenders at times. My tongue matching my spirit snake with the double talk that will persuade even the most hungry of dog off a meat wagon to get what I have felt, in the past, I deserved. My ego led me to become that callous, uncaring figure that only wanted what was justly hers.

Then one day someone said to me, “how do you live with yourself?” My life changed. Now I ask myself before I speak, Can I live with what I am about to say? What is the best way to speak my truth? I have learned to walk away in my anger and take a moment to think, and moreso to breathe.

Then as I grew I started to learn other ways of working, tiny things that helped me step back when I am filled with emotion good and bad. Those times when I am so angry I could almost spit. “I am sorry, I love you, forgive me, (the persons name) and thank you” The H’oponoponpo. A Hawaiian forgiveness technique that frees all parties involved from their conflict by allowing them to meet on another plane and find peace with each other.

There are many ways of finding our words. Even those on the other side are willing to help. They lovingly whisper in our ears when we need them.

For those more spiritually or energetically inclined, Asking those of the light to aid in your situation is always beneficial. I will ask “Give me the words and eloquence I need for this situation” and within moments they are there. It has less to do with my abilities as a psychic as it does with my knowing and faith that whom ever of the light is out their listening ( and they are) will come to my aid.

I ask and give permission to all those of the light to help me, guide me, guide my thoughts, my tongue and my heart in this moment.

The Universe

My job is to write. Some would say to “right” those things I have witnessed and have been shown I need to enhance or speak about to help change perspectives, unburden and aid in the shedding of the old skins into the new as my spirit animal will dictate when at it’s best.

This is for all of us to learn and live. At times we will falter, that is the human condition. But the South American medicine people say “If we learn from what we have done it is not a mistake. it is a opportunity to grow”

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