Yes!! Feng Shui enhances your life and the life of your pet.

Pets feel deeply. They have personalities…dogs, cats, birds, lizards, fish, or snails…Let’s start there.

animals will tell you how they feel. Maybe a primadonna pussycat who loves sitting on your little girls’ jewelry box wants a diamond studded collar!

Excitable pet pals may require soothing colour choices in collars, food bowls, toys or beds. Especially now that we are getting Back to life with our animals after isolation balancing earth tones like Tans, browns, or dark greens are helpful.

If you want recognition as an animal lover the fame and reputation areas of the bagua map is an auspicious placement of an animals bed.

Clutter affects animals. Reptiles feel edgy when books are stacked on top of terrariums. small easily accessible containers for cuddly critter toys in the family sector can subconsciously make pets feel safe.

Correct colour, size and location keeps pet pals healthy and vital.

A bright, clean, size appropriate enclosure for a winged friend in a sector that needs active energy enhancement can bring good fortune. Birds represent east energy. New beginnings. In many traditions, the east is communication, air, and movement.

Stables…a great place to Feng Shui! Winning ribbons in Stalls in the achievement area…Photos of you, riders, those care for your horse, their parents and grandparents in the family sector can lift spirits and inspire.

bridles, blankets, and saddles…Consider their colour choices, they will let you what they prefer.

Animals are emotional beings. If we can be inspired so can they!

An overly calm puppy’s family painted his backyard doggy house red and planted tall grasses to encourage active play. In a matter of day’s he became bouncier, and happy to have a new place to hide bones.

Picking pet friendly plants and creating plant corners in your pets in favourite spot can increases health and well-being.

Animals are energetically aware and respond well to Feng Shui. Be creative and watch your life and the lives of your pet pals flourish and grow!

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