Feng Shui Your Pets?

Feng Shui your pets!


You can use Feng Shui to enhance your animal friend’s life, and why not?

Your pet feels stress, happiness, sadness, excitement.

But how would you do that?

Easy. We all know our pets personalities whether they are dogs, cats, birds, lizards, fish, or snails.
So why don’t we start there.

Feng Shui according to their personalities.

Is your dog or cat hyper because they are so happy to see you and all those who come to the door? Maybe some soothing colors in their choice of collar, food bowl, or bed is required. In this case, we want to look at calming colours. In Feng Shui Earth tones temper fire so maybe to bring down their excitement level with earthy tans, or browns, dark greens are great for balance if you don’t know what other colours to use.

Also, be aware of which bagua area they are sleeping in. Is their bed in the fame and reputation area. This is considered a fire element and red is very active. Is their area cluttered with toys? perhaps putting a small box in the children and creativity area where dogs can access their favorite chewies would solve this clutter problem. These are sure win solutions to helping calm your cuddly critter.

If you are considering a winged friend, then the color of your cage may be something you want to look at.

Wherever you put this bird, the colours, choice of size and location will always be keep them healthy and vital, and this area active. So make sure it is something you want to enhance. There is such a thing as placing too much active chi in an area. In which case you may want to move them to an area that needs more work. Budgies are great for anything that sits in the east. In many traditions, the east is communication and birds are a wonderful representation of that. So if you have a bagua area in the east of your home that you would like to enhance this may be just the spot for them! For me, that would be my money room!! Ideal!!!

Remember though to always keep their cages nice and clean.

Stables are a wonderful and fun place to Feng Shui! Their stalls give way to many places in which you can place ribbons that your beauty may win. They could be placed in their children and creativity area and their family photos (no kidding) can be inspiring. Pictures of you and those who ride and care for the horse, pictures of their parents and grandparents can lift the spirits and actually inspire animals.

Watch how they react to the color of their bridles and blankets. Are they indifferent, do they seem to have more of a pep in their step when they are wearing a certain saddle?

This goes for any animal. Watch them silently and see how they are feeling. Maybe you have a primadonna pussycat that loves sitting on your little girls’ jewelry box. Maybe she is trying to tell you it is time to adorn her with a faux diamond collar (or in some cases not so faux!)

Always remember that if something can inspire us, why not our animal friends? They are emotional beings just like us

Likewise, clutter can affect them too. I have been to many homes where the home is cluttered and so is the dog house, and no one can understand why the dog never uses it and feels displaced.

Small garden beds are wonderful around pet homes too. Pick colors or plants that are conducive to the bagua area your pets home is in, and that is safe for your animal (if you have an animal that eats plants I do not recommend this). For some animals, this is a nice place to keep a special toy.

I know one dog that moved into a new home with its owners and lamented the loss of his old garden because, as he told me (you can read my article on how to talk to animals), his bone fit quite nicely and he could reach it quite readily. His family put a new garden in right away and he was the happiest puppy ever. In this case, the house was in the backyard in the love and marriage area. The owners painted his house a lovely red (this was an overly calm dog that actually needed to be a bit more active). They also put in some nice grasses in that they let grow to a nice length so he could resume the nestling of his bones.

Be creative. Animals respond well to Feng Shui because they are so energetically aware.

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