A Zoomified thought for today!

Today is another amazing day of Readings! O ZOOM how do I live thee! Just figured out last week I can record sessions!!!! So awesome for my clients! I love the akashic record readings as it allows them to see the depth of the experience and catch things after that they may have missed before.

One reading it was pointed out to me, I kept shuffling my hand the way the clients dad use to. She didn’t notice this until afterward….so Kool!

Remember, when having a reading you are in the moment and it’s hard to catch everything. It’s like a good movie you watch 10 times…your find something new each time.

I know that nothing takes the place of sitting in a comfy office face to face. ZOOM is a pretty close second for me. Being able to see a pet pal in their own environment without being intrusive or putting them on the spot allows Them to be more themselves. A client with a cup of Joe comfortably chilling as we tap into their lives and connect to loved ones or give guidance makes my heart sing.

Technology has become so exciting for me! Such a new world! I’m lucky too. At my house, we share the spirit world with technology through my family’s interests in IT and the tech universe. I am becoming fluent in tech-speak on a whole other level which I few balances me out.

As a Gemini, I love technology and have an obsession with the intermingling of spirit and science.

I believe that reading can be done in any situation and that very little if anything can interfere with a message coming through if it needs too.

I truly know that we are “bio-computers” and that physical technology is an extension of who we are and what a human being actually is.

I feel that integrating technology into spirit work is highly acceptable and many young ones are getting on board with this.

Thank you to all of those who are allowing me to be a part of their journey at this time.

Cheers! Angel

Until Next Time…..Stay in Tune, and Stay Blogged In!

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