A Loving Pet Thought For Today.


People ask me all the time what it’s like to be a pet psychic. They tell me I am soooo lucky. Even my own mother who dismisses a lot of the work I do, accepted this part of my abilities without question.

Unfortunately, I cannot truly describe what it’s like to talk to an animal the way I am able. There are times when I can feel what they feel, see through their eyes, and hear what they have to say in ways that can only be described as cinematic.

What I can tell you though, is that each time I connect the first thing I feel even if it’s for a split second, is what I call “the shift” a warmth that tells me that I have picked up the phone and I am about to have a really Kool conversation that will be one I cannot make up in my already imaginative mind. Things will come out that I could not conceive of in my wildest dreams and that I could not possibly know about this family or pet pal.

At times I can feel the hand of a human companion or the longing for one long gone. I feel the joy as if it were my own when a dog jumps into a lake at the cottage, or the family turtle slowly slips into their terrarium pool. Animals want their humans to know how they feel about life and the little things.

It is a rare occasion that I will have an animal lament the state of affairs of the world. Those cares are ours and they see them only from our sense of fear and worry. They only care about their world, and we as their people are their world.

I love feeling what they feel, and yes some of them have actual voices that speak words, but not all connect in that way. Some give images that tell stories of their lives, some express themselves through emotions that can drop you to your knees with laughter or pain. Some have stories they will never tell.

They are not like us. I may see our learned traits in them. But they are unique in their energies. There is no mistaking a human spirit from an animal. This is inexplicable unless experienced so I won’t even try. I will only say one is not better than the other. It’s just different.

So in this meager and humble attempt to give you, the reader, m a glimpse into what an animal communicator experiences, I hope you understand that we are all different even in that. Each communicator taps in differently. We all sense on different vibrations. We are all unique in our beloved and beautiful skills.

Please know that each of you reading this and everyone around you has experienced animal communications. It is not left to the elite. We are deeply connected to all the kingdoms of the earth. We all hear them. It’s a learning in listening, silence and knowing. Knowing it is real, knowing it is happening, know you are a part of real magick.

It is something that directors and artists throughout movie history have explored through their art. They gift us with a small measure of time where we can dare to allow ourselves to live in a universe that we think is only a fanciful Dr. Doolittle dream.

It is not. It is an amazing world filled with colour, majesty, and fun. It is a world where conduits such as communicators are necessary. They are a bridge between our world and theirs. It’s an awesome job. An awesome responsibility. I have yet to find anyone who is less than fully supportive and loving. I am grateful to all those I have come across that have respected this work regardless of level of belief, knowing or place in life.

It is a wonderful life. Take time to fall silent and listen to the birds, sit with your pet and be. That’s where it all starts.

Enjoy the day,

Until next time…Stay In Tune, and Stay Blogged In.

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