The Artists Intuitive Eye, The Energetic Connection

I have been, as of late, revisiting interests of my youth. When I was younger the arts was my life. Film, gallery showings, dance and grass roots theatre. I now know being an esoteric, the stage and immersing myself in this world of culture, diversity and colour was a safe way of expressing my intuitive and energetic abilities.

What does that mean exactly? Everything is energy. Each brushstroke, word written, choreographed step within a dance piece or play, note sung, are offered and uttered with intention and meaning. Flawless in its connection to the performer’s mechanism…the body, mind and spirit becoming one.

This connection is so tirelessly explored through rehearsal, rewrites and so much more, gifts us, the audience with a creation speaks to from their very soul to ours. The artist connects so deeply with their art that it slips through them seamlessly moving from their being to the witness, irreversibly changing both viewer and performer forever.

I mean that too. Each time we are moved to tears, laughter, disgust or awe we are shifted on some level. We take that shift with us into the world where we have the opportunity to touch others with our newly evolved energy. It changes us and others in turn.

Storytellers, artists, tell stories to keep our histories alive, to create new awareness, to challenge our realities and viewpoints. Art is meant to enlighten, disturb, move and elevate us on a vibrational level that goes beyond what we are viewing and the emotions evoked. Art speaks to the most primal aspects of who we are. It goes beyond what we are consciously experiencing and think we understand of the piece we are being presented with.

As young artists we may or may not be aware that we are empaths or gifted energetics. I recall sitting in the green room of theatre school so many years ago between classes, talking to my friends about their experiences as children that were highly psychic. I recall friends of mine and actors I encountered talking about how they felt possessed by the characters they played and fully becoming them. Many dismissing these rare encounters as flights of fancy…But were they? All of us have every aspect of everything in us.

Each of us is the lover, the thief the maiden, the hero. We need only to be given the correct circumstances to reveal them fully. Where better and safer than the stage, the screen, the book , or the canvas. Why do we enjoy watching the cat and mouse chase of police dramas or action movies but that some tiny part of us not only wishes to be that, but can be if only we had chosen a different contract to experience in this life.

Energy is everything, everywhere. For some of us it’s overwhelming. The play space of art allows us to express our energetic selves freely like a Dalmatian running itself to excess with the pure enjoyment of life. Stepping into the artist arena each day beckons the true artist and energetic to sing their voices, hearts and souls fully in order to keep creative and intuitive muscles strong. Feeding the energetic being with life experiences consistently allows it to get better, bigger, stronger and the machine to balance and re-balance bringing the beauty of life truthfully into the art.

The artist is the empath, the energetic maestro that guides each of us to our own spirits and deep into parts of ourselves we rarely or dare venture into.

The artist work is tireless. Falling asleep thinking about and becoming their art. Seeing their paintings in visions inspired by a higher calling or being. So many artists attribute their genius to something unseen and unknowing that they simply trust. The nine muses following each of them in a way that is necessary for their creative growth and their individual project.

This is the artist life. The courageous ones connected so thoroughly that they allow themselves to Feel deeply the hurts, wounds, joys of each part they create regardless of their expression. So many driven to madness and seclusion, so many understanding life so deeply that they carry the heaviness and wonders of the world as their burden, making it their journey and mission to express the truths of life so we may fully know them too.

They connect us to each other, the earth, the animals, universal knowledge that is ancient and new. They are the messengers, they are the heralds of good news and bad, bravely speaking the truths of time past present, future and beyond. Lend your ear to their whispers. Lend your time to their work. Let their words and expression move you to expansion of self. This is life. This is what is all about. Growth, change, movement.

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  1. β€œ The artist is the empath, the energetic maestro that guides each of us to our own spirits and deep into parts of ourselves we rarely or dare venture into.” Well said! I am a graphic designer and I really Love this post.

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