Why do I do what I do? The easy answer is because….well, I love it. The hard answer is because I have no choice.

It really is who I am and there is no getting around it. Do I feel like a freak at times? Yes. Do I feel alone and like I’m an outsider looking in at times? Yes. Would I trade it in for the world? Sometimes…I dunno.

The truth is no matter how much you love your life, your job, your family. You and I and all people will have our down days. Why? We are human. How do we get through them? Acknowledgement.

Acknowledging any situation and how we feel inside it, even if it’s fictitious and our imaginations builds it up to be more than it is (I’m a Gemini, we are the masters of that) acknowledge it. acknowledge how different you are, and how uniquely you think.

Know that It’s not about how bad a situation is or how wrong another person can be. It’s about knowing you, and that all of us are different. How we all think matters. We are not inconsequential. We are important in our views no matter what they are. Does this mean we should agree with all perspectives?…nope. Absolutely not. It means we chose our ways of thinking and being, then live by them. Even if it means having to walk away from things that once served us, or working harder on things that we feel still do.

Why am I writing this? Today I am feeling uniquely different in the visions I have had as of late. In that in between place as we fall away from our slumber into our waking time I see the threads that connect what I have been told will be, and what is coming into being. It’s a crazy life I lead as an intuitive, sometimes finding clues like on a treasure hunt in places sometimes I would never expect.

It is hard to stand by what I know to be true at time because I stand alone in it. It’s not easy to hold my tongue when I know I could change or help change a course and path because that revelation is not in the right timing to reveal. It’s crazy, It’s undaunting, it happens every day.

By now you would think I am use to all of this information fluttering in. All the flashes of future and past actions creating altered today’s and tomorrow’s that could have been so different in their unfolding.

Here I am writing about it. So many of us don’t even acknowledge this journey we are on, they just take it silently. Knowing their differences may turn to a bitter resentment and cynicism of people and society as a whole. Knowing they will still continue to help even though inside it builds up into a quiet sneer each time someone leaves a room. Knowing their visions and words may fall on deaf ears.

I talk about it to educate and to heal. Whether it is the reader on some level or the young psychic afraid of what this journey might entail. I also to speak about it shows the truth of our lives as psychics and so I know my truth on this subject I am so passionate about has been heard. And so I don’t feel so crazy anymore because I know for a fact that others have been through this too. In writing this I am aware some will have silent aha moments, revelations by others like me, and knowing nods. It’s a kind of talk therapy lol!

It’s tiring at times to know we are here for one purpose and one alone, to do our part in healing others, the earth, whatever we are called to work on. We offer messages, visions and encounters that may not even see the light of day because those who they belong to don’t come to us or trust our words. We learn to accept what is. If someone is meant to hear, we tell ourselves, they will find us and when they do they will listen. Our acceptance is sometimes they do not find us. Sometimes they are not ready to hear.

So, Why do I do this? I love this lifestyle. good days and bad. I know, and those like me know, that our words and our magick insidiously seeps into even the most hardened of hearts and finds their way into the deepest crevice of broken spirits. We help create the tiniest crack for light, love and change to seep into. It may not be today or tomorrow that it happens. We learn as readers and seers that sometimes the message sits there waiting, growing until it’s ready in this lifetime or the next to shape and evolve the receiver. We live for the idea that we had some small part in that loving change even if we never see it come to full fruition or are not given credit (which is not ours to begin with as we are conduits)

For all those out there on this journey understand you know that others are being healed. Your healing may not be obvious to them, even though in your heart and soul it is to you. Say thank you. Thank you for having the experience and in some way being allowed to be a part of their journey. Say thank you and love them more. Smile, move forward in your day knowing you’ve done the work you are meant to do…..heal….heal hearts that are broken, mend spirits that are tired, make whole a people that need to be united in themselves and with all that is around them in your own very special, very unique, very you way.

Cheers everyone!

Until next time…Stay In Tune, Stay Blogged in.

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