Are You Energetically Fashionable?

Being awakened at 6am by the buzzing of our alarm clock is less than conducive to our feeling beautiful in the morning.

Our first sense of self begins before we are consciously aware. That moment before we open our eyes.

Taking the time to do affirmations is the same as putting on that perfect power outfit that is going to get you noticed at the office as a force to be reckoned with, or that comfy pair of mommy jeans that looks great and is flexible enough to allow you to run after that ever speedy, spaghetti faced toddler! In fact those I AMS and affirmations and morning rituals will actually help you to FEEL out what to wrap your delicate and loving skins in for the day ahead.

FEEL is the operative word. We talk about this consistently when we are in decision making mode, during romantic encounters, at a business meeting. Or within family situations. Feel is just as important when deciding what to eat, where to go, and what to wear each day.

As a mom I am apt to give way to what my family will feel like doing for the evening. There are days when going to the movies to watch transformers or the Bourne identity to make my guys happy outweighs my need to stay home and watch The Mexican or have a fantastically good old fashion cry watching the end of a romantic Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks flick.

That doesn’t mean I can’t feel sexy and look good on noir night out! Sporting a wonderfully leggy pair of boot cut jeans with a ground long tan wedge healed pair of calf high boots that gives me the height and stance that projects the certainty of the song “these boots were made for walking!” Coupled with a delicate crystal quartz point choker dangling from my longish European neck that says I am a magickal being in a subtle and trendy way sets my mood for going out even if it’s to an ice cream shop!

How we carry ourselves is based on how we feel. Our clothes reflect that. The question becomes do we choose to have our clothes reflect what we feel on the inside, or do we dress to enhance or heal what we are feeling. This is situational.

Remember, the first thing you feel in the morning is the thing that you carry with you throughout the day. So take stock. This can determine whether or not you are wearing those pumps to make you feel taller and more empowered because of the rough evening before, or sneakers because you want to bring out the playful side of your nature because you had a colourful and crazy dream that seems to be lingering with you as you wake. What we caress our tender tootsies with is as important as how we coif our hair or what nail polish to use.

In theatre it is taught that the shoes and hair make the character. Why? Because the way we walk determines who we are and what we present to the world. Energetically, what we show on the outside is how we feel on the inside. Our emotional state is reflected in our outer physical state. And what better to show it but in our clothes. How we stand and how we wear our Curvaceous curls or silky straight hair is key in connecting to other energies we encounter and how we interact with them.

Colour also plays a huge roll in this. Energy workers, Feng shui practitioners, and those in the world of fashion know that style is of the utmost importance but you can’t rock that style unless you feel that style. If you fall prey to a sullen mood it will reflect in your what you wear if you are not careful.

A day of pink may induce feelings of self love and worth when feelings of worthiness May be hard to come by. Blue for those who know they maybe shaken at the big conference they are preparing to speak at that afternoon. Or perhaps a sandy grounding colour to sport with a pretty off white summer scarf for that lunch date you’ve been looking forward to with Somone special or the fave girls. Each of these colours will evoke a different sensation, feeling, and unique you.

listening is key. As we ritually stand in front of our closets each morning, we decide our fate. If we listen to that niggling that says “wear the necklace grandmother gave you” Well, now you may just change your day, your demeanour, and possibly your life! Not only are you taking on her energy, you carry your family with you, or It may become the centre of an unexpected encounter that leads to the relationship you’ve been waiting for! Who knows:)

Listening to that little seemingly insignificant voice that says hmmmm, pink pumps or red….flats or stilettos, may actually be game changers! The myth of Hollywood starlet Betty Grable being discovered sitting a soda shop is a great example of this . As the story goes she was minding her own business sipping a soda and was noticed by a Hollywood director casting for one of his films…because of the top she wore, he noticed her, the way she wore it, how she carried herself…all eyes, including his, were on her.

What if she decided to wear a jacket that covered her stunning goddess like figure? She may have gone unnoticed into the annals of unknown extras.

You may think this is all coincidence. I…think…not. Something made her wear that outfit that day to match how she was feeling. Whatever energy she felt, it obviously made her stand out and glow. What she wore, it’s cut, and it’s colour played a major part (excuse the pun).

How many have worn just the right top or dress or shoes at just the right event? Intuitively we know what we feel like wearing. It’s about acting on it.

Regardless of what walk of life we come from, A successful, happy, energetic and productive life is what most of us are looking for.

Even the design and cut will make a difference. The arms of a soft floral print top with bell sleeves may entice the etheric part of your nature to come out, or make you feel like a Bond girl. A meeting with the head of the company may encourage your to wear a well fitting conservative power suit. Even the name evokes that feeling of stateliness and assurance.

Whatever your circumstance, it begins with you. Taking stock, being honest with how you feel, listening and then acting. Your truth will always help you reach the heights and goals you set out for yourself, and finding that right piece to wear will give you that sense of self you need for any occasion.

It starts with self love. And that starts with what we see in the mirror, how that makes us feel and how we choose adorn it. Never forget, we make the clothes beautiful. They make our spirits shine.

Until Next time… Stay in Tune, and Stay Blogged In…

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