The first thing you feel in the morning is the energy you carry throughout the day.

The buzz of an alarm clock is less than conducive to feeling beautiful. Working with Affirmations before opening our eyes, is the same as putting on the power outfit that gets us noticed at the office as a force to be reckoned with. Morning rituals might make us feel good in those comfy pair of mommy jeans that look great and are flexible enough to chase the ever speedy, spaghetti faced toddler!

How to eat, where to go, or what to wear are decisions best made when balanced with how we feel.

Action movies make my guys happy. It outweighs my need to stay home and have a chilled ice wine inspired cry watching a good chick flick.

However, I can still feel and look good on our night out! Sporting a wonderfully leggy pair of boot cut jeans, tan, calf high, wedge healed boots, coupled with a delicate choker, crystal quartz point dangling from my longish european neck, this ensemble says I am a magickal being! Subtle and trendy, it sets the mood for going out even if it’s to an ice cream shop!

How we carry ourselves is an external representation of who we are energetically. Empowering pumps, sassy sneakers… What we caress our tender tootsies with is as important as how we coif Curvaceous curls or the silky straight hair that informs others of how to interact with us.

Style and colour are of the utmost importance in Feng Shui and fashion.

Colours coordinate energy. Falling prey to sullen moods could subconsciously infiltrate any wardrobe. Pink induces feelings of self love and worth when feelings of worthiness may be hard to come by. Sandy grounding colours with a pretty off white summer scarf for that special someone or brunch with the girls may evoke sensations and feelings that create a unique you.

Listening is key, as we ritually stand in front of our closets deciding our fates each morning. “Wear your grandmother’s necklace.” may change your day, your demeanour, and possibly your life! Wearing the right top, dress or earrings at just the right event might get that promotion, photo shoot or first date! Intuitively, we know what we feel like wearing. It’s about acting on it.

Successful, happy, productive lives are what most of us are looking for.

The design of soft floral print tops with bell sleeves may awaken our etheric side, or make us feel like a Bond girl. Meeting with a CEO might encourage a well fitted conservative power suit that exudes the energy and feel of stateliness and confidence. The right piece will give that sense of self needed for any occasion.

Loving ourselves starts with what we see in the mirror, how that makes us feel helps us choose how we adorn ourselves. We might make the clothes look beautiful. They make our spirits shine.

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