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This was a recent post I shared on FB recently…

Okay I’m having a weird moment…….please bear with me if you love me???

Omg! What is wrong with me!!! I can’t even binge eat properly!! Cookies….nope…chocolate….nope!!! Just finished pounding down Freakin cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, calamata olives as my day off, me time snack! Wow!!!! I know I’m different because I’m a psychic. I know I am blessed because I am, and swear to always be weird! But, dear father in heaven can I at least be somewhat normal!!! I use to be An amazing chocoholic! I had wrappers in the front seat of my car, loving memories of dark and light morsels of candy, and chocolate chip cookie boxes bought on hot moonlit midnight runs to the convenience store! Movie moments with Oreo cookies and ice wine after putting down the then spunky, precocious toddler who ran my household and still holds my heart! Bring them back whatever gods are in charge of naughty icewine and cheesecake nights! Bring back the good old days! Bring them baaaaaack!

Why would I write that? And more to the point why would I write an article about it?

Simple. Because as a psychic I am weird. I love being weird and different. Does the binging of veg as a day off delight indicate that one belongs to the Alpha Sigma freak frat? No! The frenetic tone of the piece though is what is to be noted.

I find that when I allow myself to truly free flow and allow my feelings to carry me away I do my best writing, video clips, readings, performances in the days gone by when I was an actor and singer.

That’s the point. As we experience our emotions and share those feelings with others they can tangibly experience them through the world of art.

Art is a psychic and intuitive experience.

At least it should be. That’s what makes a great piece of art. You can feel what the artist is attempting to express. You become a part of the art, it becomes a part of you and changes you on a spiritual level.

Words hold emotion. Placed in the right order, with a certain tone and infection, a quote well placed…those reading become the person writing and for a simple moment exit their lives to enter into the world created and see through the creator’s eyes becoming a part of the story themselves.

For a moment we are integrated with someone else whose experience becomes ours and that we can relate to on some level. We laugh, we cry, we commiserate.

Ever wonder why one film is better than another even when it is directed by our faves and stars the A-lister flavour of the month? Why we talk about how actors have chemistry? Because they fulfill engaged in allowing themselves to connect on every of the 4 levels to tell that particular story they are passionate about. They allow themselves to be vulnerable and swept up into an array of feelings that reshape them into whatever they need to be in order to get the message of the tale they are retelling.

Art is intuitive. As you allow spirit or intuition or gut to take over, the story unfolds to the highest degree, enveloping all of those along the path who wish to join it. From the editors to the actors to the producers to the distributors to the audiences, these energetic fingerprints are now all over that piece of art.

The more specific the intention of the story, the more meaningful it is to the story tellers, the more intertwined we become as an audience with the adventure unfolding before us whether it is a painting, piece of writing, song or dance piece.

Art is the safe place for many intuitives to express themselves freely. Like a Dalmatian at the park running across the grass in a sun-swept field. The artist graces its canvas with an array of colours be they words, steps, or strokes that come from a place that is inspired. Any true artist will tell you that inspiration comes from somewhere well beyond them.

I have known artists who can’t remember how they finished a piece they were writing, like something had come over them and moved the pen as they watched seemingly outside themselves, and dancers who have had performances they had done for ages one night feel like they had performed it for the first time feeling like it was not they themselves dancing but something within them that was ignited by a passion far beyond anything they had ever known.

I remember a dear dancer friend once told me he had a performance one night in which he was the lead. Somewhere in the second act he looked down at his hands and they were “just not his”. His partner noted afterward to him that he “felt different” and she could have sworn for a moment at one point that his eyes were a different colour than his normal sultry brown and his smile was not his own.

Further to this, the company they were dancing for had not been doing well and their well being was dependant on a critic who was to come that night. It turned out he not only praised the show, but mentioned the young male lead who seemed almost otherworldly in his physique and performance, and that without this young dancer he was not sure his assessment of the night would be the same. This review saved the company.

Moments like this for an artist are monumental. It is what they live for. They become, almost channel, their muses who bring their art to life, it truly is a spiritual experience for many who have been lucky enough to have these powerful life-changing moments.

Art is somewhat selfish, artists do love the high they get from performing. Most people mistake that as needing to be loved by the audience. It’s not, it’s the energy they get telling a story on their own unique way. It about being a part of something more than themselves. Affecting an audience for a true artist is a blessed byproduct. The artists need to play has a benefit to many as does anything energetic that comes from a place of truth.

So the next time you sit down to watch a movie be aware of what you are taking in. Embrace it, and for a moment let yourself become that cowboy, or superhero, Julia Roberts in Run away bride, Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the wind. Remember these gifted people you are seeing are intuitives, expressing their energetic abilities in a safe acceptable way that are wanting to tell a story so much that it will affect and change you whether you realize it or not.


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