A dentist, a doctor and a lawyer show up at a party…..

Just kidding…..

But imagine a dentist going to a family function and people start to ask their advice on how to get rid of bad breath. They proceed to ask him/her what to do about their kid’s braces and how to get them to brush their teeth. Although the dentist may politely enter into these and other such conversations, as many know, these kinds of after-hours chats can become a bit draining for anyone who wishes to socialize or chill.

This happens with many professions. People innocently figure hey! Kool you have knowledge we don’t, so let’s have a sharing session.

It’s not that professionals don’t want to answer these questions, however, please understand they need downtime too. And not to be materialistic, this advice for someone else is costing money and it is only fair that maybe people could keep that in mind as well.

How does this play into living a psychic life? Take everything I have just written and amplify it by 10…

I get questions about my job, which I love! How is it done? what is it like? were you born this way? I even get to be the catalyst for a borage of kool stories and encounters with the esoteric world!

Those moments are welcome and appreciated. It’s when the party stops dead silent after someone asks “….ok, how old am I?” ack! I want to laugh, cry and scream all at the same time! It doesn’t upset me…it does, however, make me realize that people still need to learn how this ability and way of life works.

My job is meaningful. I get answers as I need them for a purpose. It may be to bring closure, healing, guidance. Sometimes, the information comes from spirits or guides who don’t like being toyed with (They can be like pernickety bosses that you don’t want to aggravate).

I don’t take my skills and abilities for granted. Can I tell you your age? Yes, however, understand there is a chronological age and an energetic age. Every reader I know has tapped into my energetic age and missed by a good few years. They are not wrong. They each saw the same number. Even those who do not work professionally have “guessed” exactly the same number time and time again. Why? Energetic age is way more important. It tells us about our energy, headspace, why we make the life choices we do and in some cases why we are going to live as long or short a time as we are. It’s what we project.

I have also noticed that people try to be forgiving. They feel like they are doing a favour by saying “Oh, it’s ok you were only a couple of years off” ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

There are times granted, that I will see the information that proves my ability and worth and I won’t trust it. Its usually in party settings and I feel scared and a bit pressured. (no better way to shut down a reader). sometimes I see private information that should not be shared in the company of others, can you say….awwwwkward….Imagine asking a welder “okay, take these spoons and weld them together so I can see how good you are.”

In the past, I would say I don’t care. Now I can admit that to a small degree I do, or I would t be writing this article. I want people to see what its really like to be someone like me, and what could give you better more tangible results if you encounter one of us “esoteric, energy types”.

there was a time when presented with a situation like this, I would feel like not giving a “correct answer would prove I was not worth my salt, and if I said I didn’t want to read I’d be just as damned. I was also afraid that the person asking would lie to test me or just to disprove me. Never happened by the way. That reason is covered in another article I’ve written “Live, Love, Be Weird, Be You”.

Recently, I have come to the conclusion that I needed something to help me through these moments. I went over in my head all the things I could say as a polite and non-confrontational response. Then it hit me…tell the truth.

“My work is meaningful to those I read and to myself and instead of asking me to guess an age, ask me something that is important to you.” That opens me up to spirit in an authentic way and lets them know I’m ok to do some work for them at that moment, but I’m not going to show pony.

I don’t need a witty retort or to feel put on the spot. I realized my fear wasn’t coming from the fact that I wanted to prove my talent. I am talented! (So I’ve been told lol!)

It came from that deep part of me that really wants to help people understand that what they are asking for is not a parlour trick or party game. It’s not to be taken too lightly.

I love my profession! I love to talk about it and work with people and pets and connect with my posse of spirits! I love to do it anywhere anytime! I do however need it to be meaningful and like to take downtime too.

One of my unique jobs in this world is to teach about who I am, and what we are as a species on a whole other level than what we are used to. I am here to help people embrace a side that has gone unnurtured for hundreds if not thousands of years. The part of us that if left unattended will lead us to a place of living in confusion, and a state of feeling lost in our lives.

Now, when these moments happen I try to educate and have fun with it. So I am learning now that not every encounter has to turn into a mini session so much as a learning session. A few minutes where I can see their eyes light up in excitement and recognition that somewhere in them there is something more than just the physical world. A kool part of us that was once thought reserved for the movies and books of high fiction. A recognition there is more out there, we are not alone to fend for ourselves, but have a plethora of loved ones, guides, spirits and more that have our backs.

The next time dear reader, you choose to ask a question of anyone in any profession think to yourself how important or meaningful that question is to you. If the answer is yes this is worth asking now, at this moment…..Do it. I for one, encourage it. If the answer is no, let said professional know that you are interested in their thoughts on a particular subject that can be discussed if they have time outside of that moment…then get them a nice glass of red wine (wink).

Have fun, and until next time…

Stay In Tune…And Stay Blogged In.



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