Being a mom isn’t always easy. We all know that. I have the added bonus of knowing what’s going on in my child’s life without him telling me…no kidding. Being a psychic mom can be a whole other ballgame.

One would think this was a bonus. Not always. When your 15year old is struggling for his own independence and hanging around his parents is less than Kool the last thing he or she wants is their privacy to be invaded. As a teen once said to me, what’s the point on having a diary when your mom doesn’t even have to go into it.

It feels invasive. even with the best intentions. Mine knows when I know. Our unspoken dialogue goes something like this…he walks in the room, we both recognize the wordless sideways glance at mom, the sheepish guilty mom look that states loudly that she knows somethings going on….and what it is. The wanna talk? look from mom, and the teenage son of a psychic shake of the head while walking away final comment. It is an intense yet clear conversation.

It sucks! But at least I know I’m on the right track.

I am lucky however, my teen can be rather open when necessary if not to me to others in our family.

It does serve me well to have the inside scoop. However, acting on it can, at times be difficult. I don’t want to be intrusive or a helicopter mom. I love my kid like anyone else, and want his to be his own person.

Take for example the wonderful pizza lunch incident. As any good mum my son and I have our occasional outings which must consist of food and beverage in order to coax out the youth of our home from his bear like cave. We speak about the average everyday stuff, school, friends etc. However, there was a day when the topic of a particular girl came up….he began to tell me about her and i saw who she was and how how much she liked him. I proceeded to share my psychic intelligence. I felt like a covert operative as he asked questions that went deeper into the mind and heart of his unsuspecting crush. My son listened intently and seemed engrossed in my words until all of a sudden like being snapped out of a semi pleasant dream he quipped, ” do me a favour, stay out of my relationships please and don’t read the girls I like” that was the end of that conversation. I’d hardly been able to tell him that her dad was a police office and very protective of his daughter…thank heaven!

I have learned to play the line of dicernment. If I see it (psychically) , it doesn’t mean I have to share it. I am becoming adept at asking questions that lead to more meaningful conversations that confirm or deny my intuitive findings. It’s not easy.

I also mentioned one day on the way to school that, my then 12 year old, had a bully at school. He was jarred by this comment and quickly jumped to deny it. I backed off only to find a day later that this was the case and that it had become somewhat serious.

I don’t always get premonitions or information. With each person it’s different. It’s about how far they are willing to let me in. I’ve noticed with him in particular if it’s a safety issue it doesn’t matter, who ever is watching out for him gives me the heads up.

Call it a heightened sense of intuition, psychic ability, I don’t really care. I am writing this article for all those parents, Moms and dads alike, so they can know that I’m not the only one who can do this.

Listen to yourself. Even if you’ve never met the girlfriend and the teacher your child complains about or loves. You are connected. This gives you a tie that enables you to see more than anyone else will be able to when it comes to your child. Even above the husband or wife your child will have.

Your bond as parents and life giver, whether your son or daughter approves let’s you see them. Your job as guide and protector gives you a wisdom that no teacher or family member outside of you will ever have.

This goes for step parents too. Once the bond is created you might as well be blood and I guarantee your radar of parenthood will be activated. I have seen this now first hand. If anything you are the confirming pair of eyes for your partner when doubt takes hold.

And I assure you at some point it will. When your child pushes the boundaries and tries to keep you out of their emotional room with a big sign that says NO PARENTS ALLOWED….your partner, that wonderful person who has CHOSEN you and your child becomes the light on a dark, foggy night guiding you home safely. Trusting you is important. Trusting your partner, husband or wife can be too.

Kids are great, but remembering you are the wise one of your tribe is ultimately the most important thing. Trusting your gut, intuition, gift whatever you want to call it is what will keep your child safe, grounded and mostly happy.

Practice listening for you knowing that it will benefit them and who they will become as parents.

My awesome man always says “there was no point in lying to my mom, she always knew” She was psychic and predicted a life changing accident he had in his youth (a whole other article for kids about listening to their psychic moms;)) I have always noted though how it’s Funny that how he ened up with me lol!

That’s actually my other advantage, all of us have it. I ask my ancestors for help. I ask my grandmother and funny , my partners mom, for help when things are hard. Even though they passed a long time ago, it takes a village to raise a child… and dead or alive they are still some of the most valued elders in my village. My mans mom is awesome. I sit and close my eyes ask her advice and boom she shows me. I love it!

Sometimes even my animals will give me insight. My son’s cats will ask why my kiddling is acting the way he is, or tell me what he’s thinking of me because he’s upset or even let me know they don’t like the smelly girl he talks to at school cause he thinks about her more than the thinks about them lately.

Their body language tells me too. When he doesn’t have time for his female cat I know something is up. She is his pride and joy. If the little male is being a bit mean to the others I know to look at my son as the kitten tends to mimic him.

I’ve always said if you want to know anything about a family look to the animals. It’s true. They will, one way or another, tell you about your child’s life if you watch and listen.

Ultimately though havingnthenosychic mom edge can be fun. I know what to get him at Christmas so I am the best mom in the world and know what he needs when he is down or sick. I know his love language so we can connect deeply.

My abilities create a strong bond between us that is unshakeable no matter what. We can all have this.

1. Listen….to your child and what they are saying, but ultimately trust you and that little voice that knows your child so well.

2. Be open….What they say may not match what you see, but with meaningful questions designed to find out what they are feeling…not what is happening, will direct you to the truth you already feel and know.

3. Trust…Yourself and them that all will be revealed if you speak your truth and follow the guidance given to you by your own higher self and those around you living and of the past.

Parenting is challenging. It is also one of the most rewarding and spiritual experiences you will ever have whether it is your child or one you bond with. Cherish it. Time goes quickly. Remember the awesome times, talk about the good times, learn from and let go of the challenging times. This is what creates an everlasting bond.

Until next time…

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