Wow! all that fuss! A whole day spent creating my brand new blog.

Ok, I have a blog site, an Instagram account, twitter account, I’m connected to facebook…..Phew! all that to talk about my favorite topic……what it’s really like to be a psychic.

I have also taken time out today to go outside between the raindrops of this grey-day, to enjoy the smell of the leaves in between thoughts of what title picture will I use for my new blog home page. My tiny garden even had her work cut out for her. Each pumpkin leaf and tendril, reached out to me, trying to make me feel warm and loved above the swirling self-criticisms I berated myself with over this newly undertaken project.

I am Sure there are more educated, experienced, gifted and loftier people than I, who are far more established in the world of the esoteric who can be doing this. Why me? Why did my guides and guardians give me this opportunity?

My whole life I’ve been told I would write a book. Yeah….ok, so have a million and one other people.

However, somewhere in the darkest recesses of my spirit, I do want this to be true. Even deeper, in my abilities, my intuition, my spidey senses, I feel it actually could come to be. That’s what I like about being a spirit walker, (yet another name for the plethora of terms for psychic.) We feel. We know things to be true or untrue in the deepest level of our beings and when those knowings come we feel strong and nothing can stop us.

Could this, the most obvious thing that sits in front of me….my favorite topic be the beginning of this great misadventure that even my mother predicted would come to be when I was but the tender age of 8? I hope so. I hope that this is going to be a ghost ride we can all go on. If it’s not, that’s ok too. I love to talk and chat….and write:)

I can’t wait to sit and interview old ones who learned their psychic trade by learning from their mothers, grandmothers and yes, even in some cases grandfathers. I hope to someday go to New Orleans and be lucky enough to interview a voodoo priest, and maybe some colorfully dressed curiosity shop owners. I want to have fun with this and explore this topic to its fullest. cry on my bad days and sing the praises of the universe and all those I have read on my good.

I want to talk about the skeptic and their perspective. How we are afraid as psychics to “come out” with our abilities and why. I want to talk about family influence, and being a teenager that has x-man like gifts, and is treated as such for good and bad (if you are a superhero fan you will understand that statement fully).

I hope you have fun on this journey that will take us who knows where too. I hope you enjoy these articles and unique perspectives…..cause I promise you they will be…I hope you learn as much as I do and walk away with a deeper sense of this work and its meaning and maybe even a bit of a deeper understanding of you.

Stay tuned, and stay blogged in…..I this is going to be awesome!



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