Absolutely! and Hallelujah!

Ok, so why write a whole article about it?

As a psychic, I have come to honour this part of me that is considered crazy, weird, nuts… I even play it up little….maybe….sorta…kinda…lol!  I love being different! I was called weird my whole life! I was awkward and bullied as a kid and felt like the outsider. It was only when I was older and a sudden revelation hit me when I was jogging one day that weird equals unique. That moment changed my life. I started looking at the world differently, at myself differently. I loved being unique. I am unique. I could all of a sudden handle the word weird because all I heard was unique. I would say thank you. I accepted it fully.  After a while, people stopped calling me weird. I missed it.

I started embracing who I am. I accepted it. This revelation that I could be different freed me. I was beginning to accept me.

We have been taught there are social norms that if adhered to will allow us to fit into whatever culture or society we belong to.  To a degree, we need these social structures to help us function as a whole, together. It doesn’t mean within those confines we can’t be ourselves.

When my son was young he went to a private school. He hated wearing what everyone else was and would undo his tie a bit. It wasn’t enough. One day he asked what he could do to be more himself without making anyone upset. I thought about this. The next day we took out his superman t-shirt and put it under his white uniform shirt. We opened his tie a bit so the tippy top of his Kryptonian blue collar would show and put on a pair of Clark Kent glasses (no lenses of course). he was elated! and the teachers chuckled, rolled their eyes and seemed okay with this compromise too. he adhered to short hair and tucked in shirt with shined shoes each day. However, now, the thought of having a small thing that was uniquely his empowered him. Funny thing, a happy child it was noted seemed so much happier and integrated into the school environment. The glasses lasted a half a day, but a new sense of his individual self is still is there to this day.

When we are accepting of ourselves. When we do things to find our uniqueness sometimes we are called crazy, eccentric, nuts! Those people are the game changers of the world. The ones willing to take the little risks, the big ones, the ones that feel right for them.

How many of you out there reading this article have heard lovingly, “Your crazy” “you are a nut”? These are defining words that can either be taken as a slight or a badge of honor. I always answer,  “Absolutely!” I now know and embrace that it is one of the reasons my peers and family love me.

I have also come to realize to be unique takes courage. One must be fearless. What does that mean? I shared this amazing post on my facebook page that defines it well…

Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. It means you don’t let fear stop you.

I have always been of the mind that fearlessness is knowing that even though there may be something to be afraid of, as long you are not hurting yourself or anyone else, it is having the ability to do it anyway.

Every day I read people. I am open to criticism and being slammed for what I do. Psychics, to many people, are charlatans who prey on the desperation of those who have little hope and nowhere else to turn. This could be further from the truth for most of us. There are those who unfortunately do fit the above description…I’ve even written scathing articles on the topic of fakes. I am beginning to accept that I am one of the real ones. I have proof of that in my pocket and having done it for years in front of live audiences. I now have that confidence and accept me, and I truly believe that others will too. and they do. My accepting of my style of different and that the work I do is not the “norm” is what helps others to accept me too. They feel safe with me because I feel safe in me.

This is why I love relationships. Intimate, work, family. Those we can truly be ourselves around are the ones that will be our enablers. Enable us to grow, Enable us to spread our wings, enable us to be the unique us that we are. This is why it is so important for us to encircle ourselves with the right environments and people. Even in family situations where we feel trapped with perceived toxic people…Are they really? Remember if they are seen as toxic, you can be too. Ask questions to see if their type of being nuts is one that is simply different than yours. Maybe you are a walnut, and they are a peanut. Two different nuts that each have healing properties of there own;)

The next time you are in a situation where things feel a bit out of control or you feel attacked for who you are. Ask yourself this.

  • Am I really accepting of my unique perspective?
  • Can I stand by it peacefully?
  • Am I accepting of the other persons unique perspective?
  • Am I confident in who I am in this moment?
  • Is there a question I can be asking right now to see this other person’s uniqueness?

Then in your heart say thank you. it took the other person the courage to trust you enough to let you see their unique self. It took you the courage to let them see it. you are helping each other grow by allowing yourselves to be you.

Ultimately, I am finding the more I accept who I am the easier it is for me to tap in. You will too. Your instincts will heighten. You will feel more open to the energy around you, you will begin to feel lighter. Accepting you will allow others in to see the real you. They will feel safe to show you the same and then all of us in our own unique, individual, crazy, nutty way can share that fun and teach that to others in our world.

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