Abilities are a responsibility.
It’s beautiful and enriching to feel the love between a brother and sister, a husband and wife, or two children playing on the playground. There experiences can be felt as if they are the psychics own.
However, relationships, weight gain, and self-acceptance can pose great challenges to the personal life of an intuitive.

When intuitive abilities come into play, even finding a date can be difficult!

The vibration of an energy worker is different than the average person. Its a naturally higher frequency, not better….different. Sometimes the vibe of a healer or psychic is just different enough for people to feel…then run.

How do we deal with our life challenges?
Patience and self-work. There is no point in getting into a romantic relationship if our vibe is constantly shifting. Long thoughtful walks, a quiet coffee before work, jogging at the local school or community centre helps to find, and maintain, our authentic vibration.
By living a feel lifestyle, will help any energy worker right stay in balance, focused, stable and trim.
We can draw the right circumstances to us instead of chasing a rainbow to find its end.
Weight gain can be challenging for psychics who spend so much time with spirit that their bodies compensate to stay grounded.
It helps the appetite, and want for more wholesome foods. It clears the mind and so much more. Simply closing our eyes and taking a moment to feel each of them will create more awareness and heighten abilities.
A psychics life is as easy as we make it. Our challenges are few and far between if we adopt the concept of “ there are no such things as problems in life, only opportunities to learn and grow”. With that, even the worst days can be learned from, seen as beautiful, and to be shared with all we encounter.
Cheers everyone!
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2 thoughts on “It’s As Easy As We Make It.

  1. Good morning Angel, it has been a couple years now since I sat down with you in your office in Newmarket. But recently, I’ve been going through a lot of emotional issues and I found myself questioning whether you had written articles such as these. So when I received your emails about your new blog, I was absolutely speechless, everything happens for a reason. I’m commenting on this post specifically because it lead me to tears. Mostly tears of happiness because I’ve had a mental struggle my whole life that I have to figure out alone and your words and existence make me feel not so alone. I know it sounds cliche or whatever you want to call it but seriously, Angel, thank you so much for sharing this and for just being you.

    1. Wow! I am emotional reading this! Thank you so much for your kind words! I am so happy that in some small way I can make a difference. I love writing these articles and you are true validation that I am on the right track! and so are you! you are not alone! promise. This definitely gives me the confidence to keep on writing, and about the sooooo many ideas I have. If there is anything you or any of my readers would like me to write about please let me know!
      Cheers! Angel
      Keep in tune, and Keep blogged in!

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