Psychics Are People Too

Every day I wake up, make lunch for my guy, send him on his way and go for a jog (or go back to bed depending on the morning.)
Every day I check my emails, talk to my assistant to see what’s up for the day and go to my office to meet with clients.
I bike ride on the weekends and play pool two nights a week. I try very hard to have a relatively normal life.
Do I have ghosties follow me around? Not really. I do, however, at times, have them show up when its relatively inconvenient. Like while I am taking a shot on the eight ball during a tournament, or having a romantic moment. My training has taught me to ask politely or at times, assertively, for space. I have learned I do not for spirit, nor does spirit work for me. We work together. Angels, guides guardians, animal spirits are all a part of my posse. I have learned to acknowledge them, Listen, and move on with my day. Its become quite normal for me to see something crawl across the ceiling of a restaurant, or watch a shadow run through the seats of a movie theatre. I shake my head, laugh or roll my eyes.  You get used to it.
Sound weird. On the surface it is. It is my life though. I chose this.
That’s the key. I chose. I decided somewhere along the line that seeing spirits,  connecting to the dead and guiding people to their truth was my calling. Once I chose, I was led to those who could help me develop my skills. Like any other job, the teachers presented themselves. In my case, some of them were not of this world.
I love being able to put food on my families table knowing that the money came from those I have helped. That it came from an energetic exchange that truly benefited both parties.
Do I falter at times? Yes. Sometimes I get to caught up in getting the website just right or what can I do to make this event extra kool. I have to remind myself that the work is in my connection to great spirit. In those times where I feel I am losing myself, I grab my bike, my skis, or my family and go out to do something that reconnects me to pacha mama. Earth mother, trees, water, fire.
Most of us at some point get caught up in the busy activity of our material lives. Its whether or not we bring ourselves back to our truth and being our authentic selves……and how.
There are times my awesome loving boyfriend will remind me of who I am. He will sit me down and ask me pointed questions that lead me back to me. Sometimes its not easy to put ego aside and listen. I have surrounded myself with those who have wisdom, love, light, fun. His sister lives in BC and is an awesome ground even though she is not even present. I think of her when I crave being that earthy feminine energy of tree and earth. The thought of that brings me back to me.
So, do I live a normal life? Yes, one that is mine. Do I have the odd crystal skull, or stone dragon elegantly placed in my home? Yes, I do. Many people who are not professional psychics have these things too though.
Being psychic doesn’t make me special. I chose this profession. Every teacher, doctor, garbage person, salesman and child has the ability to become aware of the level of expertise those in my profession have achieved in connecting.
This is my job, my passion, and a lifestyle that I am not only proud of but excited to share with the world. I am my normal.
I do love going places and people not knowing what I do.  I love losing myself in a pool match and not having to think of my opponent’s dead dog sitting beside them, or riding my bike in the forest watching the lights zip through trees as fast as lightning and not have to acknowledge them, but enjoy them.
I am fortunate. I have a family that supports me and I am able to expand my wings to their fullest potential. Thats truly what this article is about. Psychics are people too. Which means that everyone has the capability to spread their wings and tap into the best parts of themselves to live a life they love and make their passions their lifestyle without losing any of the personal wonders that come with it.
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