Talking to animals….Really?!?!

Have you ever thought of what it may be like to sit and have a conversation with your pet?

I signed up for my first Animal Communications course by accident, I didn’t want to go, I went to disprove it. There had to be a limit to this energy work stuff somewhere. My thought was…

“Talking to animals? Really?!?!”

What I was not aware of, like many of us,  is that there are various ways to communicate with our pets. Animals speak to us on more energetic levels. In fact, most of them prefer it. They speak from heart to heart. It can involve telepathy, which is connecting from mind to mind, that is only one aspect. it is not just the art of sending thoughts to one another, but also pictures, feelings, sounds, and smells which is spirit and heart-centered. Animal communicators, pet psychics, or animal psychics as they are known, understand that there are 4 basic levels that can be utilized with animals.

1. PHYSICAL. All of us speak to them on a physical level. We tell our dogs to sit and stay, our cats respond to us with a happy purr when they get their loving scratch behind the ears. Speech and body language are just a part of a bigger picture.

2. MENTAL. On the physical level animals watch our movements, our facial expressions etc., but did you know that they can also retain those images as we do and use them to speak with us?

When you come home from work your pet may not know what or where the facility is that you work in, they sure know who you’ve been with, and what your experiences were that day. They smell it on you and download your image and feeling highlights of the day.

Some furry friends will plop themselves down just begin to stare at you. Stop for a moment the next time this happens. Ask the animal what it wants then sit still, breath and be silent. You may get an image or a thought. Respond to this in whatever way seems appropriate and see how your animal responds back to you.

We are so quick to assume what our pets want and need, “are you hungry, do you want to go outside” that we seldom realize that if we just be quiet they will let us know in ways we couldn’t even begin to conceive of until they happen.

3. EMOTIONAL. The majority of us are familiar with that moment of awe when we see our pet for the very first time. The warm gushy feeling that comes over us just before we say, “that’s the one”. What we don’t know is that in that split second, our new animal is downloading everything about us. How we feel, who we are, and just about every image we have seen in our lives. Its true! The animal literally chooses us by looking into our heads and more importantly our hearts, to see if we are a match. And by match I mean, its spirit is deciding if we are on or close enough to what they need on a vibrational level. Our spirit is doing the same.

Animals are very adept at sending feelings, and we all receive the information from them. Unfortunately, due to our conditioning, we are taught that animals do not and cannot communicate or function at a high capacity (far from true). Many people have a hard time acknowledging animals abilities to “speak”, not realizing the many forms of communication that are available to us in order to do so. Words are not the all, and this is something we humans are re-learning.

4. SPIRITUAL. Many people ask how I can “tap” into an animal if they are not present. It is actually quite easy. One way is connecting through the owners’ energy field. Our love for them, like for a child, is so great that they become a wide open door and a meeting place for the animal and myself.

The more open the owner, the easier the communication. This is also because if the owner is hesitant some animals will be too. Animals will protect themselves in the same way as the owner, like a child taking its cue from a parent.

Needless to say, I was proven wrong in that Animal Communications class oh so long ago. Within 6 months I had added professional Animal communicator and pet psychic to my list of skills. Within 2 years I was teaching it and still do. I speak with dogs, cats, WHALES and whatever creature I am called to. I love this aspect of my profession and I have never looked back!

If we sit still we can process the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical information being given to us. In fact, we are doing it all the time. We dismiss anything we cannot make tangible.

The point is the connection. Through the animal kingdom, we deepen our connection to the earth, and ourselves.  The next time you are with an animal, allow the images, feelings, thoughts, and senses to inform you…then gently act on them.  The worst that can happen is nothing. the best is that you have taken your relationship to yourself and your animal to a whole new level.

And don’t forget to have fun and live your truth.

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